tennis party

November 10, 2014

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As I mentioned in the last post, Myla’s high school tennis season ended with a banquet/party!

There was an entire team of moms who helped plan the bash. I decorated the tables, and planned HUGE prints to hang around the room of the seniors. After the party, each of the seniors took their larger than life photos home with them. If you are interested in printing images this big – at an affordable price – it’s so easy:

1) Put the images you want to print on a thumb drive.
2) Go to your local Staples store with the thumb drive.*
3) Print the images as big as you can with their assistance.



November 8, 2014














My Myla just finished her freshman year of high school tennis. She has been playing tennis since she was seven, and devoting a lot of time to her training since she was nine. But, this was her first time to be on a tennis team and she absolutely loved it. The season went by way too fast.


cabo san lucas, part IV

December 26, 2012

{this is the last post for cabo san lucas…}

poolside in cabo

our last day{s} is always a little sad in cabo. we all mentally prepare to go home. do you do that on vacation? the last day or two, do your thoughts return to what-needs-to-be-done-at-home-or-work mode and you start to abandon the carefree spirit of vacation? cabo is so special to us, that none of us want it to end…

for some reason, we usually stay one to three+ days longer than our friends who go with us… so, the day they leave is a total downer.

KJ cheered himself up with three vanilla milkshakes after his buddies left…

three vanilla milkshakes



tennis camp

July 18, 2012

with little words and mostly photos, eight days in *southern california:

our typical day went like this: wake up, get ready, go to breakfast, drop myla off at tennis camp, watch her for a while, i would go to bikram yoga or go running, shower, get ready, rest, read, time on my computer, pick up myla. but im glad she is enjoying herself. shes already asked for a racquet for when we get home so i will have to start looking on sites like RadR to find the best one for her. its great to see her so passionate.




March 6, 2012

there is a new awesome iPhone app on the scene. if you are a fan of instagram, and want to take that obsession into video. viddy allows you to create & share with your friends fifteen-second videos. like instagram, you can add a filter + music. i love it – the first day i downloaded the app i created these three videos below. {all three can be watched in less than one minute!}

green balloon

winter without snow

my tennis girlie

fun, yeah? are you on viddy? i can be followed as “see_jane”