our gym… and a challenge.

September 9, 2011

lately, i have been forgoing the gym and the laundry and the upstairs bathroom that despertly needs to be cleaned and instead trying to get caught up on blogging, enjoying friends who came to visit, and trying to adapt to our new back-to-school-schedule.

i wake-up and put on my work-out clothes, i wear them all day while enjoying all that is new around us…

and then, i take them off and go to bed. did you catch that detail: i never worked out.


i have a new challenge for myself, and for anyone who would like to join me.

i am going to get in great shape, in the next six weeks.


Love, 15, 30, 40…

March 10, 2011

my moosey has been playing tennis for about 18 months now, and her heart strings are attached to the sport. i think she has actually decided to weed-out other sports this coming spring & summer to continue down the tennis road.

during the past 18 months, she’s been attending saturday morning tennis tournaments at our local tennis club. these are small tournaments for the kids to practice in preparation for real tournaments…

and, her first real tournament was a couple of weeks ago…

she is now a registered player with the UTSA, and i think she’s even more hooked than before.

prior to her first match,


*our girls*

February 18, 2011
there was a phase of our life, when these two girls were our only babies.

they are 22 months apart.

and, we really debated not having any more kids.

i was charmed by husband saying things like, “for my girls” and “there’s my girls” in reference to the three of us.

we thought two kids was perfect, one for each of us to manage, when moments get crazy.

{ha! that didn’t last long… we had two more, now we think 4 is perfect!}

but, for 3 years, kiana and myla were *our girls,*
we lived in Asia &



August 10, 2010

watching kj & myla play tennis…
it is one of the best things ever!

since the end of May, they have spent most their tennis time
playing on outdoor courts.

they still attend saturday morning tournaments whenever possible.

those little tennis skirts moosey wears,
cutest things ever. kills me.

on the right, myla with one of their coaches, vasil.


i love saturday mornings.

look how cute these two are while
struttin’ their mad tennis skills!

the junior league tournaments are to help the younger kids practice in a real-game setting. kj and myla will participate in these every saturday morning until they are able to keep score on their own {really well} and have a killer serve. then we join the utah tennis association, and become serious tennis players.



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