cabo san lucas, part II

December 23, 2012

instax vignettes from day three:

a picture of pictures, cabo day three

sisters in doo-rags {keepin’ it classy!}:

cabo day three my bandanda girls

mi familia:

instax pics of cabo day three

myla was stung by a jelly fish on her hand! {eek!} + sela’s second paddle boarding lesson:

cabo day three jelly fish bite and paddle board lesson

sand creations:

cabo day three sand castles

the bland familia + stacey clark, a new favorite friend.

the bland family day three in cabo

susan’s first time to paddle board:
{so proud of her! not just for paddle boarding, but for getting in the water!!!}

suzi q paddle boards for the first time

susan &


*new to me*

October 22, 2012

good morning & happy monday friends! today is a sunny {but cold} day, and husband is traveling in asia.  when he travels i usually put together a “what i want to accomplish while husband is traveling for work project list” and it’s not my typical to-do’s.  this time i have high hopes to get a LOT done for the upcoming holidays, a few projects around the house, and some extra workouts, plus the normal stuff.  what are you doing today?  

before i dive in to my list, i wanted to share this with you… in the past few months i have been touring art institutes, and other universities in the area with good art programs —



…take off your shoes & stay a while!

{i’m so excited to have you here!}



so?  what do you think, about my new site???
{i hope you like it!}

can i just say, writing/posting my first wordpress post is unnerving! i feel like a new kid in jr. high!
like: i don’t know where i’m going & i might get lost! every button i push… might do the wrong thing!

cheers to new adventures!


{photo by me. a beautiful flower & a beautiful day in my front yard,


road trip polaroids…

July 15, 2010

i keep going back to look at this picture {above}, over and over…
it’s my favorite from our whole trip.
i love our shadowed eyes,
my big papi’s wrinkles, they are the sexiest thing ever.
why is it, men look so good with those wrinkles. not fair.
love our boston hats.
terry francona just chillin’ in the background!
our road trip was about three weeks ago,
daily since then, husband and i have been day dreaming…
we want to sit at EVERY red sox game.
in seats like those.

the two polaroids below are pretty great,


flashback friday

July 2, 2010
i was looking through dusty’s photo albums recently,
and came across the polaroid below…

this is my husband with his niece amber, circa 1982.

my husband & amber share the same birthday. pretty cool.

amber is now a momma to the cutest little girl emery.

emery has just about the cutest-cheeks you have EVER seen.
{she looks a little like her momma in the picture above…i love it!}

darling! darling! darling!

i love looking through old photo albums, so nostalgic.