a perfect day.

June 7, 2010
our memorial day included…

good friends + good food + sunshine.

it was perfect. while our loved ones who have passed on, were in our thoughts.

i used my new polaroid camera for the pictures, i’m still adjusting to the settings. anyone else struggling with the settings on this camera? it’s hard to waste the film when you gotta pay for it!


denver polaroids

May 10, 2010
  • we treated ourselves to ‘cherry on top’ for the first time & loved it!
  • kiana started phase 2 of braces right before our denver trip. she’ll be sporting them for the next 6-9 months.
  • jcrew, i love. crewcuts. one of my favorite children’s clothing lines.
  • elways. love their bbq chicken sliders.


kj’s fingers were covered in slimey blood.



and wiggling

and wiggling and wiggling

his tooth!

then, he let me pull it out!

his very first tooth to lose…

he has decided to not put it under his pillow until he sees the movie,
the ‘tooth fairy,’ which to be honest, i’ve heard is lame and i’m
not looking forward to those two hours…but we will all endure for this guy.

because his night was so exciting, kj asked to sleep in our room,
dusty & i have a red velvet chaise lounge in our room that is the coveted spot to sleep,


our anniversary get-a-way…

February 5, 2010

was beautiful.

we were lazy.
my husband and i breed laziness when we vacation.

we talked about doing all kinds of cool activities.
ziplining. hiking. etc.etc.
but talking is all we did.
along with sitting by the pool. sitting on the beach.
visited friends. we attempted paddle boarding. visited more friends.
movies. movies. movies.
sleep. sleep. sleep.

that about sums it up!


my husband dislikes traveling with my camera bags{s}
so, this trip i opted to leave one camera bag home
my real polaroid camera.
instead, i used my polaroid iphone app,



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