we could use a realistic photo or a more illustrated image for our resource,

my landscape – inspired by stacie albano, here.
{you have to click on that link & select the icon with the chair/wall art to see the original.}

{you can sneak a peek at my new wallpaper above, pictures coming soon!}

the final project, if inspired by an abstract or painterly artist, we had to complete a series of their works, my final pieces were a collection inspired by paule’ marrot, here. here. here.


i mentioned here, that kiana returned home from the philippines to a birthday gift surprise…

she opened her bedroom door to find a new grey/black mixed shag area rug, new bedding, a new lamp shade, a new little owl, and a painting by yours dearly, me…

for this painting assignment, we had to create an analagous colors collage, with 4-6 colors.

my little collage is pictured on the left.

then we painted a larger version of the collage. i chose to make mine pretty big,


goals update…

February 11, 2010
#1 tears of joy, all the time

at 8:15pm tonight i received this text from sara,

“I am forever changed and so undeserving. This is truly a miracle. He has LITERALLY been raised and brought back from the dead by faith, prayers, and the power of the priesthood.


There are no words. He is absolutely the same boy we loved before he nearly left us. We are so glad he chose to come back to us. We are so blessed to be a part of his special mission. He has touched so many.

Right now he is breathing on his own, sitting up by himself,


my second project in my oil painting class was to convey an emotion, a moment in your life, a feeling, a mental disorder… or anything similar to these in color. we could only use two out of three primary colors, and had the option of using white and black. also, it needed to be non-objective.

my project is finished. it’s been critiqued, and it’s on display in the entry of our home. i also planned it to be a part of my valentine’s decor~

what does my painting represent?

it mixes a couple of things…

first, balance.
i am always striving for balance in my life. I tried to somewhat balance my composition symmetrically on a diagonal to show this.


i am well-underway this semester with my new classes. i have oil painting, ceramics, a graphic design class, and a visiting-artist weekly lecture.
{love them all!}

my first project in my oil painting class was very time consuming. the whole point was to teach us to mix our paints, and more or less waste them. because this project took SO much paint. these paints are not cheap, people.

we were required to paint a color chart. It could be within a picture like mine is {not many people did this} or you could paint 96 popsicle sticks and line them up, make a checkerboard of 96 colors,



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