new years eve 2012

December 31, 2012

we don’t always know where we are headed. our family, right now, particularly doesn’t know where we are headed. we have eighteen months invested in our boston adventure and can not decide what to do from here. we like it here. so, maybe we’ll stay indefinitely. we also like utah, and miss it very much. yet, when we think about living in utah again, soon, it doesn’t feel quite right either. not yet. but there are times when it’s painful how much we miss the people and culture in utah. we have always entertained the idea of living in southern california, and can easily see ourselves being there one day,  but as much as we adore this idea, it doesn’t feel quite right,


goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

December 31, 2011

this year was a great one! so many amazing memories, experiences and adventures. this post could be incredibly long if i were to name them ALL so instead i will just highlight a few…

{it’s still long so grab your favorite beverage of choice & enjoy…}

i happily turned thirty-five

…the kiddo’s were sucker’s for valentine’s day!

i made these invitations…

for a very special girl who became a teenager, with a ♥ teen-y ♥ party!

one of my best craft projects of 2011 was definitely the famous-d-i-y-chandelier!


feliz ano nuevo!

January 6, 2011

…and that ends my spanish vocabulary.

{it consists of about four greetings.}

we rang in the new year, on the beach in mexico.
with rich delicious food, live entertainment, and sparkling decorations.

as we talked about life, under the palm trees, with the glow of the moon…
we made another grateful note on the this-right-here-is-good tally.

and, my heart always does a skip at that moment…
the moment that the clock strikes twelve,
that the new year begins.
and i’m kissing my man.

i passionately believe in new beginnings. {and kissing, for that matter.}

cheers to 2011!
it’s going to be whatever you make of it.