the new “flowrider” is at the lindon city pool.

we went there with good friends a couple days ago,
and the “flowrider” indoor surfing system is now outdoors…
and it’s the summer hotspot!

such a cute swimming pool, it really had something that each of my kids loved.
the flowrider-
becky & sela-
shannon with all the little kiddies – snack time!
these three together are so stinkin’ funny, they just sit and play ring-around-the-rosie, jump off the sides, they love everyone to watch while they go underwater…


sela with livi and hayes at the end of the day…



January 30, 2009

ahhhh, mazatlan.
our home away from home.

Back in July, I shared our love of the Philippines. Well, my husband a.k.a. Pro Look Sports also has a factory in Mazatlan, Mexico.
Since PL started contracting work with this factory our family has been traveling to Mazatlan. While recently there we tried to nail down how many times we have gone. We think this was our seventh family trip. Of course Dusty has also gone solo. Our first trip there as a family I was pregnant with KJ. We have celebrated Halloween in Mazatlan, Thanksgiving, and lots of birthdays in-between. I am drawn to the familiarity Mazatlan has to us,


was indeed happy!

However, we did get started on the wrong foot. Evidently, we managed to get the one taxi driver in L.A. who did not know how to get to our hotel. Instead of a 40 minute ride, it took two hours! geesh!

Other than the long taxi ride, we had incredible weather, it was beautiful in the high 70’s or low 80’s each day we were there and considering we were there over a 3-day weekend the place was not busy at all! Seriously awesome.

For Disneyland and California Adventure our favorite place to stay is at the California Grand Hotel. The day we arrived we kept it low-key and didn’t go to the parks right off the bat.


We had a little celebration for her yesterday…
Kiana & Myla had a poem/song they were singing to her about “bumping her on the head” with each present before she opened them…

20 things we love about our Starlee

1- Her beauty; she has no idea how stunning she is.
2- Her laugh; she laughs at all of us.
3- She’s funny, and always sharing the crazy stories of things she’s done.
{for example, going the WRONG direction down a freeway ramp entering I-15!)
4- She’s GREAT at doing hair, and starting cosmetology school soon!
5- She has a great eye for detail.



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