we are still going non-stop around here to prepare for our yard sale…
less is amore, so we are clearing things out!


i couldn’t resist making this cute cardboard cash register!
seriously, i could make things out of cardboard as a career!
big-time-obsession! {hey, my kids like it – gives them something to play with later!}

i was inspired here, on oh, hello friend blog. then, the same cash register popped up on pinterest. and, as i’ve said before – i love pinterest. best invention this year. have you joined yet?!? if you need an invite, let me know.



hello monday…

August 30, 2010

it seems i took an entire week off of blogging.

time is going so fast.

we’ve been busy with a list of things… more posts to come on them later!

  • we hosted an adults-only volleyball nite. i can’t believe that it was only our second volleyball nite this summer…how is that possible? we have usually hosted twelve or more by now!
  • picked up my girls from the airport after their week of being cowgirls.
    listened to them talk for hours about their adventures.
  • sela’s open house for preschool
  • kj & myla’s back to school night.
  • kiana’s jr. high back to school night.


back in july, when sela went through this phase, i was temporarily drowning in homework and finishing my finals at school. becky, one of our adorable nannies, took sela to the provo library and they had an entire afternoon focused on being a princess!

sela wore her princess dress, with her princess shoes, they only read princess books, and spoke to each other like they were both princesses!

recently, becky totally went over the top and surprised us with an adorable photo album all about their princess day on her facebook page –


volleyball nite

July 29, 2009

number four!

funny story about our champions-picture. after our first round in the volleyball tourney, we THOUGHT we were the champions. had our celebration. took a picture. THEN we found out it was double elimination tonight. whoops. but that’s OK, because we still ended up being the CHAMPIONS! totally rocked. good karma!

i didn’t get very many pictures tonight. my camera was passed around, but not put to use. bummer. and our action shots were all blurry, not sure why, but by the end of the night my camera was back to normal.