November 16, 2014


Last month, I joined forces with Twig Creative to host an event. Twig launched their new “knotical – origami nesting boat” with the cutest play date activities and opportunity to play with the boat, and I used my home combined with MEND juicery and friends to have a FEED supper. I LOVE what the FEED mission is working hard to accomplish – it is such an unbelievable difference around the world between those who are starving and those of us who are blessed in abundance.

We were worried about the weather for weeks leading up to this event – here in Utah, the last few days of October can expose themselves with sun or snow.


welcome guest - water bottle tags via seejaneblog

it’s no new news that i love having guests in our home. and i enjoy doing my best to make sure they feel welcome. so, it just broke my heart when we had company (two sets of guests!) arriving just prior to my three days in isolation this weekend and i didn’t get to spend very much time with them before i had to stay behind closed doors. terrible, terrible timing to be isolated. the second set of guests had to end up staying in a hotel, boo. epic scheduling fail.

while i was preparing for our visitors i really wanted them to know i was excited for their arrival, i wanted them to feel at home,


last night we hosted our first high school team dinner because kiana is now on the freshman softball team!!! we are so excited. i wanted to do something special for the dinner since we were the first team dinner kicking off the season.

i have always been a fan of ribbons at the end of braids and tied to the tops of ponytails for sporty girls – i think it’s the perfect detail. so, i went to Jo-Ann’s fabric store, and stocked up on my favorite red & black ribbons, the local school colors. i displayed the ribbons as the center piece for dinner, and had scissors to cut the ribbons and coordinating gift bags for the girls to use.


are you hosting an Easter breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner this weekend? if so, do you have plans for a kids table? if you answered yes to both of those questions, here are my ideas for you:

Easter table setting for kids with free printable placemats via seejaneblog

we plan on having a simple {cereal, eggs, and bacon} Easter breakfast, tending to our traditional festivities, and then we are dining out for Easter dinner. because our mornings can be crazy when six of us are all getting ready in our sunday best, i want to make breakfast special, and memorable for the holiday, but easy. a good combination, right?

Easter table details via seejaneblog

for some time now i’ve wanted to create a custom placemat that could be used all year long.


spring table setting

May 1, 2012

happy may day! for many of you mommas, your kids will be out of school this month! i’m so jealous – i love summer vacation, but now that we live in new england – school doesn’t get out till the middle of June! and, it could be worse, the school district expected to have the school year end June 20th, but because we didn’t use ANY of our snow days this year our kiddos will be done June 13th. snow day credit – – – thank goodness for an easy winter!

last week i decorated these tables for a dinner celebrating the 170th birthday of this phenomenal organization. i made utensil pouches out of brown kraft paper card stock + filled mini glassine bags with rock salt &