falling into november…

November 1, 2012

there are times when i sit down to write a blog-post, and everything comes together so easily. the photos, the words, the theme – thoughts are quickly captured and slide into words for you to easily understand. then, at other times, i spend days thinking and thinking and thinking about how to share what i’m thinking about…

i am stunted by a brain that’s working faster than speech allows, so i just stop. and stutter, and i don’t make any sense.

there’s so much I want to write, and i’m stuttering a bit.

our post-hurricane weather has been calm, sunny skies. yet, our town is a bit of a mess.


*new to me*

July 9, 2012

I really appreciate, and enjoy a good spa day, so when my niece {Heather Johnson} gave me a gift certificate for a 50-minute massage + a luxury pedicure at the spa club where she works – I was stoked! A mom has to relax when she’s out of town right?! I’ve also heard some good reviews about massage north austin but we’re yet to take a trip to Texas! Maybe someday…

The Spa club that is *new to me* has three locations in Salt Lake City. While I was in Utah, I stopped by the Jordan Landing location for both of my services. I loved how clean and new the spa was –



March 25, 2012

juice cleanse update:

for anyone who asked – here are my post-cleanse-thoughts…

first of all, i followed the cleanse exactly as you are told to do it. i prepared, which you can read about here. i stayed hydrated by drinking lots of water & herbal tea in-between my juices. I also went to great lengths to sweat during the cleanses as recommended. and now, i am adding all my other foods back on board.

so, how did it go?

day 1: i felt mentally prepared, and committed to the cleanse. i would go as far as to say this day was easy.


juicy details.

March 14, 2012

about two weeks ago i mentioned on my instagram feed that i was thinking about doing a juice cleanse. a few people who commented said they would also do it if they knew more about it, or wanted more details. after a little research and a few recommendations, this is what i’ll be doing.

i am starting on the 20th, in six days. then, i am going to follow up the cleanse with a diet filled with more fruits & veggies. specifically greens. i think i already eat a lot of veggies – because my diet is typically very low-carb. however, i also eat a lot of meat.


wheat berries & edamame

March 6, 2012

husband and i attended a dinner party here in boston in January – where the above appetizer was served. it’s a mix of wheat berries, shelled edamame, seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon, sea salt, and pepper. served on endive. since having this delicious appetizer at the dinner party, i have made it twice. once at home for lunch and once in utah for another party. i prefer the mix served on green leafy lettuce, the endive is a bit bitter but makes it look prettier. so, it’s your choice what type of lettuce you serve this on. the dish is not packed with too many flavors, but it’s fresh, easy, and addictive.

if you are new to wheat berries,


*palis verdis eggs

October 3, 2011

we just made this as part of sela’s birthday brunch,
and i have to share the recipe, because it’s a delicious favorite!

this comes from the kitchen of my friend caryn,
she is oozing with good recipes!


10 eggs
1 lb shredded jack cheese
1 tsp baking powder
2 cups small curd cottage cheese
1 – 7 oz can mild green chilles
1/2 cup butter – melted
salt & pepper
cubed ham, if desired

bake @ 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

* this is a great low-carb recipe, i like that we can eat it as a family for at least two days with how much it makes…