free desk {claimed & gone.}

September 3, 2009

email *me if interested!

the only catch? the taker will have to figure out how to get it from our garage – to wherever it’s moving to…

you will need a truck, and we do not have one.

*me: jane(at)prolook(dot)com


stuff for sale and FREE!

October 22, 2008

Whirlpool DUET front-loader washer and dryer. {sold}
4 years old
comes already attached to pedestals with storage bins
the washer has a broken handle, but the door is still usable.
We have the old handle with make/model information if new owner would like to have it replaced…
sold only as a set; $450.00

FREE elliptical. {TAKEN}
has a thump-thump-thump as you use it; may need repairs.
first come, first serve.
King-size pine bed, dresser, nightstand {sold}
sold as a SET; $350
no mattress/box spring included



sleeping beauties

April 24, 2008

last night, when I finally went to bed, there was no room for mama in my own bed. this is a common sight around here, all the kids & Kaymen in my bed. Each of the kids likes to sleep in my bed with their favorite “grandma Connie quilt” with them. It’s a good thing we have 7 bedrooms.?. I mean, in a few years we might actually use them. ??? Kaymen always slept with us pre-kids then as he was bumped down the totem pole 4 times he was usually kept in his own space/room somewhere. But, as of lately, with his old age, he has been allowed to sleep with me again. The strange thing is,