about {dot} me

have you heard of about.me? it’s a personal page that is all about you.

if you are on a variety of social networks: a blog, Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, vimeo… etc etc etc.
then, this is ONE page where you can put all your contact information in one place. {see my page here.}

it’s very convenient for anyone who wears many hats.

and, right now – moo.com, a great online print site is offering 50 FREE BUSINESS CARDS if you create a new about.me page! {you only pay $5 for shipping!}

so. if you are a blogger, photographer, etsy-shop-er, or just someone who would get a kick out of designing some cards – go do it! maybe you just want some thank you cards to send in orders for your shop, or a new calling card?

i know my teenager daughter & my tweener could even use some cards for yearbook day at the end of the year! maybe add a fun quote, their cell phone numbers for friends to have over the summer vacation. {do this now, in january, while you have the time!}

also new on the scene – have you heard of “qr codes?” maybe you have seen them on magazines, books, in your car, or on items you buy? they are the new rage that stand for “quick response code.” if you have an iPhone, you can get an app that scans the qr code, and your site immediately pops up. no typing. so, for the about.me page, if you order the moo.com cards – they create a qr code for your about.me page, taking everyone to a one stop shop for all your social networks. ta-da! how fancy is that?

AND, you can choose to have your cards printed on recycled paper – like i did! i’m impressed with how thick & smooth the paper is for being recycled, a very green – nice detail.

run, don’t walk over to about.me!

{photo by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

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  1. no alt this year for us. was a blast last year though. maybe once i get better at being a better blogger i can make it again! oh, and thanks for the fun info on that website and the moo cards. love those moo cards! merry holidays to you and your family!

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