come from this little candy shop
in provo, utah.
{click on the image above if you’d like the address}
chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

they’re not just any chocolate covered cinnamon bears, they must come from “startup candy co.” or they won’t do.

and if you know me, more than likely i have shared these favorite treats of mine, with you.

this week, in preparation for the holidays, i picked up a large order of these babies and our family just might be bringing your family a box of them soon. or in jenn granum’s case,


a.k.a. crepes

one of the first things dusty’s mom ever made for me, were her omelettes. in fact, i bet there isn’t anyone in dusty’s family who did not ever have a grandma connie omelette. they were a staple in her kitchen. when i finally asked her for the recipe {years ago} what i liked best about the recipe is that there is no added sugar. most crepe recipes add sugar in the batter.

but yes, we do add sugar after they are cooked…

i think connie called them omelettes simply because so many eggs are used in the batter. in our home, we make these almost every morning. literally. one thing i like about them {besides being incredibly delicious} is that it is the easiest way to get eggs in my little kids.


oriental salad

August 3, 2009

depending on how big of a salad you want –
use any varying amounts of the following:

sliced green cabbage
slivered almonds – browned.
ramen noodles
mix everything together, and use this dressing:
{again, any varying amounts. i use more vinegar than oil and no sugar.}

white vinegar
seasoning pkgs. from ramen noodles
optional: sugar.

mix & pour over salad.
for low-carb diets or when i eat this, i just dish up a serving minus the ramen noodles.



August 3, 2009

you will need:
1 pkg. manicotti
1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce
1 large container of ricotta cheese
fresh spinach {lots.}
1 egg white
mozzarella cheese
fresh parmesan

boil manicotti shells, following the directions on the box. rinse in cool water and set-aside.

boil spinach-in a bowl, mix ricotta cheese, mozzarella, fresh parmesan, and egg whites. the amounts only depend upon how much of each you want in the mix. i use A LOT of spinach, and mozzarella, and parmesan.
stuff cheese/spinach mixture into shells, cover with your fave pasta sauce, and the remaining mozzarella and parmesan.pre-heat oven to 350 degrees,