flashback friday

January 13, 2012

it has been a few months since i’ve written a flashback friday.

our recent trip to nyc inspired this post, here’s why:

in august of 2006, i was eight months pregnant with sela. husband and i wanted to do something special with our big girls before the new baby arrived so we found a sitter for kj and took them to nyc.

one morning we were having a quick bite to eat at jamba juice in times square,
and i snapped this picture:

{look how little my girlies were!}

two weeks ago, we revisited this same spot so we could re-shoot the same picture:

{moosey was not in the best smiling-mood.


elf on the shelf

December 6, 2011

introducing, our elf.

mr. bean {named appropriately for bean town}

mr. bean arrived before thanksgiving this year!
so, the first few times he was spotted, he was spreading pumpkin-turkey-“indian” tent- cheer!

then he helped us prepare for christmas!

…when sela noticed he was having a snowball fight with ms. owl,
she made ms. owl some full-body armor with a piece of paper!

mr. bean really started to develop his character,
he’s quite the original elf!

…we knew mr.



June 1, 2011

husband started a new family tradition a few months ago.

if you are familiar with the lds-faith, there is a tradition on monday evenings called, ‘family home evening.’

basically, the idea is that one evening every week {give or take on the actual day and time but mondays/7pm are very traditional} you don’t plan anything else but being with your family. typically, there is a gospel-inspired lesson + maybe an activity + a snack, and maybe more or less. family members take turns planning the evening or, a special outing. whatever you do, the time is designated for family. and, at this time in age, with so many distractions it really takes scheduling one evening every week to avoid other events to create pure family time.


happy weekend!

May 20, 2011
we are attending kj’s talent show at school this afternoon,
kj’s baseball game {praying for sunshine!},
a saturday morning tennis tournament for moosey,
miss four has her annual dance recital {woot-woot!},
miss thirteen will be dancing, too!

and, more time to organize/pack for our future move…and play in-between!

{p-i-r-a-t-e-s of the caribbean this weekend!}

what are your plans?!?

{photo taken by me, last weekend.}


krispy kreme donuts…

April 29, 2011

are what kj requested for his birthday treat at school this past week. sela spent the entire morning talking about visiting kj’s classroom for this event. then we arrived at kj’s school, she started her velcro-to-momma routine, but was still holding tight to a thick pile of donut hats that she planned on passing out to his friends…

then when it actually came time to pass out the hats, interact with the kids –

she retreated.

to the back corner.

almost in tears.

wayyyy to scary for a little girl with serious-social-anxiety!

right when i think she’s improving, maybe she is out-growing her shyness…she has a moment like this.



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