Baptism Brunch.

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This past weekend, KJ was baptized. After the baptism, we had friends and family gather at our home for brunch. It was such a special celebration. By tradition, kids are baptized at age eight in the LDS religion. Because KJ is almost 10, he took lessons from the missionaries and made the decision to be baptized on his own, by his request. I adore his desire to be good, and cherish his genuine, pure heart.

white on white baptism brunch via seejaneblog

To celebrate, I used a white on white theme to go along with the purity of the ceremony.  For brunch we served all of KJ’s favorites – white powdered donuts, a crepe bar with all the yummy sides, and lots of bacon.

powdered donuts

If you watch Downton Abbey, then maybe you have seen the white buntings at a special celebration {i’m editing this, because after a reader comment i realized i’d written a SPOILER ALERT!!!  SO SORRY to anyone who hadn’t gotten that far in D.A!} – this was the inspiration for using as many white garlands as i could! The buntings I used can be found here on etsy, the quality is superb. These white buntings are not your everyday buntings, i can’t say enough about the quality!  they will be cherished keepsakes forever in our family.

white on white baptism brunch

I made my first trip to the Boston flower market to choose and arrange the flowers myself. Using these white mason jar flower vases also from etsy. Each female guest took a vase of flowers home as a thank you for coming gift.

the rhodes kiddos at kj's baptism

baptism brunch menu - crepes

I need to tell you… The night before the baptism and brunch, I had an epic female meltdown around midnight. I’ve been fighting a weird virus for the second time, and all my exhaustion hit at once. After screaming at my husband and promptly going to bed, husband stayed up till 3am making seventy crepes for the brunch. best. husband. EVER.

KJ's baptism brunch

baptism brunch, crepes bar

KJ nutella crepe fan

white on white baptism brunch decor via seejaneblog

KJ's baptism brunch via seejaneblog

So it was… a group of people who all know and love KJ, with spiritual hearts we came together last weekend. celebrating my little man. and that he was, a young man. it brought my heart so much joy to see him proud of his decision. It was good…very good.

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  1. What a handsome young man you have! I especially love the pic of him at the table with his bow tie tilted and sitting with the missionaries, so special! Love the white buntings, great idea, and glad to know I’m not the only one who has meltdowns, ha!

  2. Love the bow tie on KJ! And the powder sugar donuts-its nice to plan a party with his tastes in mind rather than an adult’s. Nice husband is right-hope you are feeling better. And spoiler alert on Dowton Abbey…

    • Sarah!!! I didn’t even think about the spoiler alert, i am so sorry! I’m totally assuming everyone is already that far. duh. i edited the post and fixed the error!!! i can be an idiot, quite often. 😉

  3. Love his red pants! What a sweet little man, and Dusty rules for pulling it together w/ the crepes!
    I want to hear more about your journey with religion. Did you know Matt no longer practices Mormonism? It has been an interesting journey for us, since I’m still a very religious person.
    Anyway, good for him, and good for you for supporting him in what he feels good about.

    • thank you Carolyn! I hope to write about my religious journey one of these days here on the blog – it’s something that has been on my mind a lot this year to share more openly. i just need a bit more time to make sure it is worded… correctly. xo.

  4. I think it is so neat that you let him choose on his own and take the discussions etc. Did you do that with all your kids? I would also love to hear more about your religious journey!

  5. KJ sounds like an exceptional young man. I’m so impressed he made his own decision on the baptism. He will be doing great things in life!

  6. I love that you had him wait and make an informed decision. He is such a special little guy with a special little angel spirit! Sounds like a perfect day! LOVE YOU FRIEND!

  7. I am also interested in how you view religion. I am a non practicing mormon myself but have a great love for the church and it’s teachings which saved me from a very dark and isolated childhood. I just cannot support its very ardent policies on same sex marriage and the overall conservatism. Those are my only issues. I still keep in touch with and have wonderful relationships with people from my church going days. How do you reconcile your not being active (i’m assuming you are not based on reading your blog for a few years now 🙂 and what you teach your children?

  8. This may be a really dumb question, but I’m wondering how you warmed your crepes that next day. We are wanting to do crepes for my son’s baptism party as well, but worried about that. Such a darling party! I will be copying as much as I can! Love your blog. You inspire me in so many ways.

    • hey Heather. I placed the pile of 70 crepes on a baking pan, thoroughly covered them in tin foil, and placed them in the oven at 250 degrees about two hours before we served them. it warmed the entire pile right to the middle, and didn’t dry them out – and everyone had a warm crepe! i just moved them to the serving platter right before our guests arrived. good luck!

  9. what a handsome boy.
    and the sweetest post.
    i am often reminded that my children are wise beyond their years…
    old souls.

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