weirdo glasses

April 10, 2012

the easter bunny hopped on by at nighttime on easter eve again, this year! i can still hear the squeals and screams of excitement when they saw his note taped on the front door—

the only bummer, it was so dark outside that i none of my pictures turned out + the videos i took are little spots of flashlights bobbing around in the blackness of night. + more screams of, hey! i found one! there’s more on the trail! ahhhhhhhhhh! mom look! omgosh, what’s on the porch? dad, i need to find six more! the bunny brought us gifts! ::wink: it was a very beautiful moment in time.

the silly bunny gave kj these weirdo glasses.


confetti egg fight

April 9, 2012

easter eve afternoon, we were in tears from either laughing or pain… using *these.

*cascarones (kas-ka-ro-nez) are beautifully colored eggs filled with confetti and small toys traditionally made in mexico and central america to celebrate easter. easter confetti eggs are often broken over someone’s head as a symbol of good luck. the cascaron or confetti egg tradition is said to have begun in italy using hollowed eggshells filled with perfumed powder.

it seems myla is going to be very lucky! ::smiles::

{all photos by me.



March 6, 2012

there is a new awesome iPhone app on the scene. if you are a fan of instagram, and want to take that obsession into video. viddy allows you to create & share with your friends fifteen-second videos. like instagram, you can add a filter + music. i love it – the first day i downloaded the app i created these three videos below. {all three can be watched in less than one minute!}

green balloon

winter without snow

my tennis girlie

fun, yeah? are you on viddy? i can be followed as “see_jane”


i am spotting a lot of black and white stripes in our life. stripes in our clothing, accessories, when we go south of the border, at our doorstep, in the kids’ toys, in our crafts. more than ever before. we’ve always been fans of stripes, but this past year the trend has erupted!

especially with miss five. she is the queen of stripes. she made herself that flag just this last weekend.


design fort, a new series…

February 17, 2012

you may have noticed that over the years, i have posted a lot of pictures including “forts” around our house – hidden beds in closets + myla’s indian-style outdoor stick forts {this one was extra unique!} + piles of pillows to hide in + poolside beach towels hanging over chairs. i’ve been reflecting on how rad the “fort” is in a childs life as they are growing up. it gives them a sense of privacy and their own space. building these little pieces of kid-size architecture fuels their creativity.

i thought it would be fun to introduce a new series for see jane blog!


hasbro :: bop it! bounce

February 9, 2012

friends, i’d like to post toy reviews on see jane blog. what do you think? with four kids {technically 2 kids, 1 tween, and 1 teenager} under the roof & 14 years of being a momma, the kiddos and i have a lot of opinions about toys & we’d like to share with you what we think.

this past christmas we added a few new goodies to our mix. one being the hasbro bop it! bounce

if you remember, santa arrived early at our home & we headed south of the border for christmas. so, this toy was packed in a suitcase to go with us!