Thanksgiving : San Diego

January 26, 2016

San Diego November 2015 from Jane Rhodes on Vimeo.

In November we headed to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with our friends. We’ve been friends with these two for twenty-two years and the friendship overlaps two generations. It’s good for the soul to be submersed in that kind of laughter, and love for a few days.

Side note: I don’t believe I’ve ever chosen to listen to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus on my own – but when it was on the radio one day during our trip and the girls in the back seat were rocking out to it – it had to be the song for the video.


laguna beach, california

September 22, 2014

This past July our family took a road trip to one of our favorite places on earth – Laguna Beach, California. My husband has family there, and each time we visit we dream of living there one day. If our future plans go as we hope they will – we’d like to move there in about four years – after Kiana and Myla have graduated from high school in Utah. Until then, I’ll just keep watching this video and dream of the day to come!

This is the first video I have ever created, so be easy on me. It’s a new hobby still in it’s early stages. But I’m so obsessed! I want to make videos all the time!!!


a quiet spot.

August 2, 2012

while on our trip to southern california, we spent one evening hiking in the hills up behind laguna beach. our cousin has a quiet spot up there, and we wanted to see it —

the great thing about being a guest, is that you get to discover the beauty of other places and fall in love with the culture and people who live there. laguna beach is a sun-kissed town filled with people who glamorously accessorize the sandy beaches. the hills are a quiet refuge with beautiful views of what lies below.

one particular hill has a special spot on top –


tennis camp

July 18, 2012

with little words and mostly photos, eight days in *southern california:

our typical day went like this: wake up, get ready, go to breakfast, drop myla off at tennis camp, watch her for a while, i would go to bikram yoga or go running, shower, get ready, rest, read, time on my computer, pick up myla. but im glad she is enjoying herself. shes already asked for a racquet for when we get home so i will have to start looking on sites like RadR to find the best one for her. its great to see her so passionate.



…more priceless family time.

more delicious food.

more warm summer nights, visiting under the stars
on the patio.

day 2: sela was much more comfortable near the water,
but still did not want to be in the water.


myla was doing the best she could to keep moana movin’ all over…

still, no luck putting her into labor!

{are those the cutest girl names?!?}

kj &


laguna beach, day 1

July 30, 2010
after nuvo, disneyland, and california adventure we headed out of the city
and spent two days in laguna beach.

dusty’s aunt nadine & uncle david,
plus their 8 children,
malia, melani, maile, mele, martin, michael, moana, and momi.
+ spouses with more children…
all live in the most charming homes in or near laguna beach.
they have resided their for a long time now,
and i feel like they kinda own the place.

when we first arrived, we walked just a few steps from auntie’s home to catch the local free trolley. {yeah, the kids loved it} we strolled downtown, did some shopping, stopped in the local gelato shop.