we went to disneyland.

the pros: we didn’t wait longer than 10 minutes for anything. we were able to do both parks in one day, all of our favorite rides & attractions. it was incredible.

the cons: it was hot. so hot, you’ll notice little sela~bella’s sweaty bangs in most the pictures.

this trip to disneyland & california adventure was truly magical for us. and, truly, all about sela. i observed that kiana & myla are kinda ‘over’ disneyland…after they get a few rides on ‘screamin,’ then it’s all about enjoying the other rides with sela…

but, all of us feel that way!

every ride or attraction was….



July 29, 2010
kiana, and center stage had a fantastic week at nationals for nuvo.

the dancers spend their week, dancing. dancing. dancing. around the clock.

kiana would take workshop classes from 8am-2pm each day. i would meet up with her for lunch, and our typical scene is shown below… dancers and their mommas at lunch break~

then each afternoon from about 4pm-midnight is the national competition. we are not allowed to take photos during the competition because professional videos & photos are offered there, so i am limited, to where i can snap away…but still got a few.

kiana was competing as a junior national break out artist.


LACMA & more…

July 21, 2010

miss twelve. miss twelve is a light in my life that i have always dreamed of…

she has me thoroughly convinced that she prefers hanging out with me over her friends. she has me thoroughly convinced that she highly values my opinions about what she should wear, what color she should buy when shopping for clothing etc, my opinion about how her hair looks, how she should style it, what tastes good…she truly values my opinions about all things. and, she has me convinced that my opinion out-numbers anyone else.

i may have mentioned this before, but miss twelve rarely if ever talks back.


sweet escape.

July 20, 2010

it’s true. each and every time i go to california, i spend a portion of my time daydreaming about living there. i just can’t help but fall a little more in love. there’s just so much to treasure.

the beautiful weather. the kind drivers on the freeway. the charming buildings. the beaches. the shops. ohhh, the shops. the food. the warm people. our relatives in laguna. ocean, the girl, and the body of water. trees with flower blossoms. disney. museums. art. everywhere there is art! artist. talented artist of every kind.

all the things that made twelve days there oh-so-wonderful but also crazy. busy.

kiana and i left two days before her nationals for dance started which gave us time to play before she had to become serious about dancing.


our weekend

August 12, 2009

went like this…

we were going to leave in the afternoon. by 1pm at best.

but dusty needed to work and i had lots of things i wanted to get done before we left town…and if we waited till 9pm, then we could pick up kiana from dance and she could go with us too instead of stay home with grandma.

so, we ended up starting our 10-hour drive at 10pm.

i did all the driving except the last hour on the way to bridgeport, california. because my night-owl tendencies kicked in and i was not tired at all.

almost exactly ten hours later we rolled into our hotel (very small-town hotel) at 7am,


kiana and i really like the santa monica pier.
so we went there, twice.

tandem bike riding.
{as we rode; we chose our favorite beach houses we’d like to own}



the ocean.

the beach.

we really like it there…

{kiana and her pal destinee}



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