HIVE Alt summit mini party

January 28, 2015

Tokyo dream event for HIVE via seejaneblogI attended Alt Summit last week, and while I taught a round table about how to make videos for instagram, I also helped plan an event that turned out to be soooooo fun!!! This mini party was for the sponsor, “Hive,” and the theme was “Tokyo dream.” This theme turned out to be one of my all-time favorites to work with! And, being one of the four hosts for Hive was the best part! It was great working with the other three bloggers – If you are curious what this company, “HIVE” is about – I’m thrilled to invite you to be a part of it —


If you go to the site from a different device,



June 26, 2013

get a load of this place…

see jane blog at altNYC

it is the happy alt. sign that welcomed me to altNYC. i decided that if you could live inside a blog, the closest thing in reality that could offer such an experience, would be living inside the buildings which encompass martha stewart living omnimedia.

i didn’t know what to expect. but whatever it was, all of my expectations were blown out of the water, and it was better than i ever imagined.

i over-over-grammed {which means: i posted a bajillion pictures of this experience on instagram, considered a social-media-bad-manner by some standards} my three days in NYC, but there is one little moment i saved to share with you here…


see jane at AltNYC via seejaneblog

it’s a dream of mine to visit martha stewart headquarters, so i’m kind of geeking-out with excitement.  MSH is hosting AltNYC!!!  and, i have a pretty good chance of meeting martha stewart herself! you could say, i’m a big fan. {!!!!!} will i see you there – one week from today?

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this was my third year to attend Altitude Design Summit {affectionately alt} and it was an experience totally different than my first two years. to start, it’s like going home now – not just because it’s held in one of my home states, utah, where i lived for twenty-two years. but because alt. includes a community of creatives i feel connected to. alt is a group of people just as obsessed as i am about design, parties, holidays, fashion, food, creating, motherhood, and more. and we tolerate each others craziness!

i attend alt because of this community and the wealth of inspiration i find there. this year, as i sat in classes i kept hearing a similar theme over and over again.


mini pom-pom garland kit

February 2, 2013

hey friends. remember when i said january would be a wee bit quiet for seejaneblog? well, i still have a lot on my plate, but i am getting some big to-do’s checked off my list, and hope to be back posting regularly again soon! plus, i can’t wait to share with you what i’ve been working on…

until then, i wanted to share my alt summit experiences with you from this year. to start, business cards are a big deal at this design summit. if you remember, last year i handed out my cards with bags that matched the seejaneblog brand. this year, in honor of my new online shop, “franny” opening soon –


the hotel.

the gift box.

the wednesday evening dinners.

the thursday morning panels: “successful collaborations” & “work life balance” –

shelby made homemade lara bars {balls} –
and shared with us!
(i’ll make these in the near future & share her recipe! soooooo good!)

lunch/keynote speakers: “the relationship between traditional & new media”

afternoon sessions,