winter wonderland…

January 20, 2012

friends, it’s 2:15am and i’ve been girl-talkin’ with my roomie for the past three hours. i miss husband & the kiddos but really, this isn’t so bad…

i was starstruck this evening. starstruck by my favorite blogger’s husband. the last photo on the right – do you recognize him??? he is married to miss james, over at bluebird vintage. if you have never visited her site – go now.

i’m signing off, but will be back on monday with a full alt. report + i’m sharing my valentine’s ideas with you next week!

enjoy your weekend!


wow. i have returned with fresh new motivation towards my future with graphic design and blogging. the alt. design summit was a sort of melting pot for all areas of art/design/social media/bloggers—graphic designers, artists, writers, interior designers, magazine editors, event planners, fashion writers, all showed up to share everything they possibly could about their areas of expertise. the best part, i met so many people.

the summit gift boxes – retro stainless steel lunch boxes filled with all kinds of goodies. sela has already placed dibs on the lunch box, and it now totes barbies and their gear around our home.

day one: a few of the sessions i attended included panels with bloggers covering topics such as: “



January 20, 2011

business cards!!!

at approximately 2pm today i had a thought,
“oh-my-gosh, i should have business cards for the design summit!”

so, after the grocery store, and a few other errands/activities with the kids…

i sat down to work.
i whipped these up at 5pm on illustrator,
sent them via www. to my favorite printer at 5:20pm,
drove over to pick them up, arriving at 5:45pm,
parked. paid {only eleven dollars!}.

and i feel officially ready for alt.!


{they are a wee bit hard to photograph because the paper is pearl, so it’s got a gorgeous shimmer to it.


twenty eleven.

January 14, 2011

i have big big plans for you, twenty eleven…

husband and i were chatting last week, and while he was mentioning goals for 2011 in regards to his company, he mentioned this quote…

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. ~Albert Einstein

these seventeen words sent my mind in a whirlwind.

thrilling excitement.

how often i find myself doing the same thing, over and over and over, and waiting for improvement in so many categories of my life.

how many thousands of situps can i do, and expect my stomach to be flat?



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