Altitude Design Summit – in photos and a few words:

the hotel.

the gift box.

the wednesday evening dinners.

the thursday morning panels: “successful collaborations” & “work life balance” –

shelby made homemade lara bars {balls} –
and shared with us!
(i’ll make these in the near future & share her recipe! soooooo good!)

lunch/keynote speakers: “the relationship between traditional & new media”

afternoon sessions, “what small sites can learn from big online communities” + “kickstarting your next project”

more pictures from the “winter wonderland party!”

friday panels – “blog to shop” + “building your personal brand”

lunch/keynote session – BEN SILBERMAN!!! “how pinterest became the next game changer”
…i praised him over & over on how fabulous pinterest is + put in a little request for private boards. he said “they’re coming!”

closing keynote speaker – GRETCHEN RUBIN! “Designing your life”

mini parties – there were eight this year, all totally amazing.
i didn’t take my camera, but the highlights below will show you that we had a good time. ::wink::

remember i met aubrey? miss james’ husband – well, he just so happens to be the smile booth guy! he crashed our smile booth —

{i did not attend saturday’s classes, but it was packed with art classes galore!}

wise words from alt., “avoid being the internet DJ!” – “leave room/space in my life to be creative,” — “BE AUTHENTIC!” — “try something new & jump-in!” — “never eat lunch alone!” — “this is the age of the individual, you have to be your own brand!” — “you can do anything, but not everything.” — and most importantly, “be jane.”

i was inspired & have a book of notes on how i’m planning my design-blogging life to lead out for 2012.

i can’t wait to go next year!

{images via flikr alt. design summit photo stream + me.}

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  1. Jane! I am so glad you are back! I have thought of your darling family often, and wondered how Boston was treating you guys! Im so glad your blog is no longer private! I have missed your great ideas, inspirations, and cute kiddos! Looks like you had a great time at alt summit! What fun girl time!

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