cardboard chairs

for my final project in my 3d design class,
we designed & built life size cardboard chairs.

each student was required to make a small maquette of their own proposed design, then we were put into groups to vote on our favorite design of each group. Once the favorite was picked, we then went to work on making it life size, durable, and usable.

we had a group of five, and chose micah’s for the group design.

i particularly liked the clean lines of his design, and although we had to scale it down a bit and forgo the ottoman because of time, i think our end result is greatly designed and definitely sturdy!

thank you prolook for donating & delivering 100 boxes for our chair!
and thank you dusty & danny for helping me get this from my classroom on campus to home sweet home. in the snow.
and thank you micah, for allowing me to keep our chair!

and. and. and. here are the pictures…

my maquette, with felt pillows, gotta have accessories!

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