caprese salad skewers

i saw these on pinterest and knew i had to make them! so, when husband & i had two socials to attend in early november for our kids’ schools, and i was asked to bring an appetizer… this was it!

so easy.

slice your favorite small tomatoes in half, add a fresh sprig of basil, add a small block of fresh mozzarella & drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

wha-la! how cute are they? we couldn’t pop ’em in our mouth quick enough around here – myla finally made herself an entire plate full! smart girl.

while shopping on newberry street lately, i had my first visit to an “O & Co.” – and brought home this vinegar. if you are going to try these caprese salad skewers, i totally recommend combining them with that creamy-delicious balsamic vinegar. plus – you can purchase this little spout topper which makes drizzling the vinegar oh-so-easy! …if you have someone in your life who loves to cook or just appreciates really good food – that vinegar would also make a perfect christmas gift! it even looks cute just sitting on the kitchen counter.

happy eating!

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