candlepin bowling.

we love trying new things around new england.
our latest adventure {last weekend} was candlepin bowling!

we were awful. it’s a lot harder than regular bowling.
and very different.  however, we had a lot of fun.
…we enjoyed trying to see how many “ball” jokes we could make.
husband some of us, may never grow up.

have you ever tried candlepin bowling?
even heard of it?

{it was developed in massachusetts!}

{photos by me.}

5 responses to “candlepin bowling.”

  1. As a native Rhode Islander, I’ve definitely been candlepin bowling! My mom actually belonged to a league when I was little, so I grew up going to the lanes each week with her. It’s my favorite kind of bowling 🙂

  2. Never heard of it before, but looks fun! I was reading another blog who did a day in the life and it reminded me of your old one. You should do another “typical Tuesday” or “a day in the life” post! I absolutely loved yours!

  3. How fun! I just found your blog through Apartment Therapy- just what I’ve been looking for. And then to top it off, you were bowling in Needham! I along with my hubs and son just moved there two months ago. Have to check out that candlepin bowling soon! Anyway, loving the blog, especially your style. -K

  4. Sorry for the VERY delayed response to this post (just found your blog last week and I’ve been making my way through some of your older posts!).

    There’s a really fun/family-friendly/retro candlepin bowling/arcade in Falmouth on the Cape that I find really fun (Leary Family Amusement Center). I would recommend Falmouth in general if you’re looking to take a day/weekend trip to the Cape. Besides beaches, the town center is extremely quaint – ice cream, great cupcakes at Cupcapes of Falmouth, great candy stores, a toy store, good restaurants.

    On Falmouth Heights Road there’s a place to rent bicycles and ride around the town. You can rent bicycles for two with cute awnings and bells. It’s a lot of fun. On the same road you can catch the Island Queen which is a ferry that takes you to Martha’s Vineyard. On the other side you can rent cars/jeeps/bicycles to take you around the island.

    In Sandwich there’s the Heritage Museums & Gardens which is gorgeously landscaped nature combined with fun museums like a vintage car expo, a wooden carousel with a carousel museum, art exhibitions, and a new kids area called Hidden Hollow.

    Sorry for rambling or telling you anything you might already know. Can you tell I wish I was at the Cape right now??

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