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BYU Museum of Art Plexus 29 installation via seejaneblogI’m currently taking an Ancient Non-Western Art History class – which more or less includes all of the ancient civilization art of the world outside of Europe. My professor suggested we visit a current art exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art called, “Loving Devotion” which turned out to be absolutely incredible. It illuminates the rich heritage and symbolism of Hindu worship in the lives of believers. I’m going to write a separate post about it.

Today, I’m sharing a few pictures of the other exhibits currently taking place – that I was allowed to take pictures of…

One, is the new “Plexus No. 29” string installation by Gabriel Dawe:

The two translucent structures filtering through the Museum’s skylight appear to be luminous rays of light refracted through a giant prism. Gabriel Dawe’s stunning Plexus no. 29 is a corporeal installation of colored filament meticulously threaded between the Museum’s mezzanine walls and oculus. The artist used a custom-made 15-foot tall “needle” to weave nearly 80 miles of thread in the creation of these site-specific architectural forms above. As each strand is individually passed through a series of hooks, a unified network–or plexus–is formed, which provides the inspiration for the title of the series. 

BYU museum of art via seejaneblog
BYU museum of art Provo exhibit via seejaneblog Two, (above) This fresh contemporary art installation by artist Kim Schoenstadt features three-dimensional wall drawings inspired by the architecture and identity of Provo, Utah.
BYU Museum of Art rainbow strings exhibit via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art Plexus 29 via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art hanger installation via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art hanger installation in the lobby via seejaneblog
BYU Museum of Art Provo utah via seejaneblogAnd three, I couldn’t take pictures of – but it is the “Folding Paper: The infinite possibilities of origami” – Sela and I both loved it. Look for the dress and shoes if you go – we especially like those.

A reminder to all locals – the BYU Museum of Art is free to the public. I tend to forget the amazing collection of art we have locally and hope to visit more often in the future. The “Plexus 29” installation is going to be up for the next two years – so you have plenty of time to see it!!!

Cheers to inspiring art!

Photography by me, Jane Rhodes

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  1. This is beautiful! We will be down in March for one of Bridger’s appointments. Since it’s spring break I wanted to spend a couple of days and was hoping for some fun, different things to do since our trips down can become so painfully monotonous. I am definitely adding this to the list!

  2. Love you blog! Not sure if anyone else has said something but the color of the font and the “lightness” of it, makes it very difficult to read.

    1. hello – thank you and let me know if you are still having challenges with reading the type… we’ve changed the font to black on my side of things but I can’t figure out what it’s looking like on other people’s smart phones or monitors because it’s easy to read on mine! Let me know!

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