BYU Dancesport ~ Ballroom competition

Myla & her ballroom coach Autumn Turley ~

Myla & Ezra placed 6th in their “pre-teen newcomer syllabus cha-cha” category today. This was SO exciting because the pre-teen division is all kids under 12 years old, there were 4 rounds and they were called back 3 times – Ezra is 6 and Myla is 7 – and there were about 45 couples in the entire category! They also did great in their swing & samba, but cha-cha ROCKED, so I’ll only add one more cha-cha video from todays events…!!! You can’t help but see, Ezra has some real latin blood in him!

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  1. Good job Myla!!! Guess what? I was on Dance Company with Autumn like 10 years ago. You’ll have to tell her hi for me next time you talk to her.

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