BYU ballroom competition

Kiana and Myla both have new ballroom partners for the upcoming dance year.

For Myla, this is her 3rd year of ballroom, and her 2nd partner. She danced with Ezra the past 2 years, but their partnership has retired.

Now, she is dancing with Ammon. Today was their first competition together, and for Ammon it was his first ballroom competition ever. They did a cha-cha, and were so cute together!
They did great!

Myla & Ammon

For Kiana and Tristan, this is their first year in ballroom for both of them! Kiana has done jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, but never ballroom. As for Tristan, he is an awesome soccer player, and hip-hop dancer now attempting ballroom.

Today they competed in the Cha-Cha, Swing, and Samba.

Kiana & Tristan

their beginning samba pose

In the Samba, they placed 6Th – We were so excited, since this was their first ballroom competition!
Both of these couples have been working so hard, so many hours all summer to get their new routines choreographed, practiced, and cleaned to be ready for today…

Sela & KJ, two of their little fans…
Sela dances around everyone while we cheer…sips some soda

As for KJ, he takes his DS and tolerates the whole thing till it’s done and he can go home…
Today was a great trial run for all of them because next weekend they will be competing at the Nevada Star Ball in Vegas, one last summer trip for our family before school starts!

7 responses to “BYU ballroom competition”

  1. They are so cute! That is so cool that they are ballroom dancers! Sela and KJ are so cute too, I love KJ’s sweet little face there!

  2. I love watching the Ballroom Comp at BYU. seriously it is so cool that they know how to dance so well at such a young age! Way to Go kiana on Placing!!
    Sela is going to be a Good dancer because she has had to sit through so many Performances. haha

  3. Thats awesome! I put Reese and Avrie in ballroom last year, and couldnt get them interested. Reese was so good too. I wish he would stick with it. Good luck girls!

  4. Congrats to both of them and my condolences to KJ for having to be there all day. I couldn’t imagine my boys doing that!

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