busy, busy bees

Yesterday Kiana had her 5th & 6th shows. She did great – during one of them the conductor of the Utah Chamber Orchestra messed around with the kids a bit. I guess this one particular conductor usually makes faces at them/etc. during the show. The dancers follow his cue on a few parts of the choreography and at one point he had them stand up, kneal, stand back up when they should have only stood up once. It was funny to see him messing around with them. kiana was laughing on stage.

During her matinee and evening show we have 3 hours to kill. Once again, we were SLC tourist – this time we visited the Church History Museum, Kiana had never been there.Then we ate an awful dinner at the “Lion House,” and took a tour of the “Beehive House.” I was having some major miss my other kids withdrawels during this day. Due to our massive amount of time spent in Salt Lake at the Nutcracker. So, when we got home at 9pm, we put everyone in the car and drove to Spanish Fork to see the Christmas Lights. We do this every year and I love it!Myla did some driving through the lights for us…Our families favorite lights are the dinosaurs & dragon with santa hats.Then we hit Krispy Kreme donuts for “HOT NOW” donuts and ended our day. KJ crashed on Daddy at home, they were a little too tired trying to stay up to watch the “Grinch.”

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  1. if i ever need to know anything about Salt Lake or where to go i now know who to call! How fun to be able to really get to do all those things, At least once right?!!

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