busy, busy bees

wow. last week we were all doing school projects around here.

i finished my finals, woo-hoooo!

now, there is almost three weeks of no classes. sounds beautiful.

next semester i’ll be taking a typography class, and yet another art history class.
i was considering not going to school this next semester, felt so tired.


then, i bought new pens. and new supplies get me super-excited.

it’s kinda like cleaning. i don’t get overly excited about actual cleaning,
but i get pretty thrilled over new cleaning products.

go figure. lets be honest, i’m just an outstanding consumer.


myla has spent the past two months studying georgia o’keefe,
which i just absolutely adore my girl for choosing her.
{i may have been a little persuasive in who she chose. maybe.}

if you don’t know who georgia o’keefe is, she is a very talented female artist who truly put women on the map in the art scene. all hail georgia!

myla spent a little time in my art room preparing her props,
then husband and i went to school to see her give the report.

she did spectacular! {georgia would be proud.}


kj’s 2nd grade class has a project called, “traveling tales,” where they each take turns bringing home a humongous back-pack filled to the brim with supplies to create a book.

kj wrote his first traveling tales about,
“how the boston red sox got their name.”

then husband and i went to his class and sat on each side of him while he read his book to the class. i really learned some interesting tid-bits. our buddy did great!
{and big papi is so proud!}

“The Red Sox are an old franchise, and as a result were around for a long time before marketing decisions and merchandising determined nicknames and logos. Some of the original teams got their names from the basic uniforms they wore, such as the Cincinnati Reds (originally the Red Stockings) and Chicago White Sox. The team now known as the Red Sox have been referred to as the Pilgrims, Americans, and Somersets (after their owner Charles Somers), but weren’t officially named the Red Sox until December 18, 1907 after then-owner John Taylor noticed that the National League’s Boston team had stopped wearing their customary red stockings. Taylor, who would later name and build Fenway Park in 1912, declared that the American League Boston team would wear red stockings and furthermore be known as the Red Sox. The spelling “Sox” is believed to have occurred when newspapers shortened “Stockings” in order to fit in headlines.” quoted from here.


myla’s 5th grade class has also been reading christmas picture books to each other all month. each day after lunch recess, it’s someone’s turn to choose a book from home to read to the class. myla was going to read this, but decided it took too long, so she chose this book. another very original story. i sneaked into class to peek at her, and she was doing great. those fifth grade classrooms are so quiet! and, they use microphones in all the classrooms at our kids’ school so when i peeped in, i was like “wow! that’s some serious story telling!”

{this queen bee, needs more sleep…or a vacation!}

2 responses to “busy, busy bees

  1. love that she chose an artist!! Look at her WORK… she is just like her momma. that is pretty amazing, and creative. i can't wait to see what that girls future holds, she's so imaginative!!!

  2. It's so nice that you take so much interest in your kids schoolwork! It seems like the school is very interactive with the parents too, which is something I don't think my schools were big on.

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