Susan a.k.a. spicy is one of the most beautiful women I know. Everything about her is beautiful. Her smile, her soul, her family, her home, her love of cooking, her love of talking, her friendship…just beautiful.
she hosted the most amazing bunco this month. {thanks spicy!}

3 responses to “bunco”

  1. Super GOOD Picture of everyone!
    I love Bunco, that was a fun night. I still am wondering how i always do so well. hee hee 😉

    We will be dropping by our little Invitations today, even though you guys will be out of town. My kids are going to die!
    They are in ABSOLUTE LOVE with KJ, i just love his cute little friendship with them. Did you see when they saw each other at the Nordstrom party, it was so sweet!

  2. jane! hey. we took nicole’s photog class together. anyway, just wanna tell you i think it’s adorable that you take your mom all over. so cool. and also, that you have a fabulous bod and sense of style. love it!

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