Dusty and I have always felt that we totally lucked out with the most incredible neighborhood and the most incredible right next door neighbors. We could not have asked for any family more perfect to be right out our front door. Janette hosted bunco this month, and made everything so delicious and perfect!I love spending one evening a month with these women! We do have trouble concentrating on the game at times, we can get a wee bit chatty!
{Daphne/Bethani/Shannon & Ivy/Janette/Cynthia/Susan/Jenn/me}

3 responses to “bunco”

  1. I had so much fun the two times I subbed. It is a wonderful neighborhood.
    On another note….. Would you be willing to drop some of your adorable hair clips on my front porch. Any kind, any color. Are they just for Ava’s age or would Savi wear them too?? Maybe 10 or so. You can leave me a msg. or leave a note saying how much we owe you for them and I’ll make sure Ry leaves you the money before he leaves Sunday. If you don’t have any around please don’t worry about it. But it would be such a treat to have something so cute over here.
    You’re pretty talented. I’m more than open about being less than creative. I’ll need major help when I get back.

  2. This is always one of the nights that i look forward too! It was so much fun last night too, I love our neighborhood, i seriously think we are so Spoiled with how well we all get along!
    LOVE IT!

  3. I love girls night out and totally look forward to Bunco! How are we so lucky to have such an awesome neighborhood?! It is why I will never move!

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