BRANDY {Holmes} HENRY! Welcome to BLOGGING!

My best friend from High School commented on our blog today, and I am just SO EXCITED! Lots of smiles. We have the hardest time keeping up with each others lives, and this is perfect. So, I had to dedicate a post just to her – these pictures were the best I could find in a five minute scurry. They made me laugh.

Cheer Camp, lets say…summer 1993?
Sara ~ Jane ~ Amy ~ Brandy

10 responses to “BRANDY {Holmes} HENRY! Welcome to BLOGGING!”

  1. You guys are SO cute!! I graduated in ’94 too! How is Sela doing? Poor babies, I hope they are all better soon!

  2. Hey Jane it’s the little sis…Mindy. How cute are you? I totally had flash backs seeing these pictures of you and Brandy. It is fun to see your life. Your children are beautiful. And you have not aged AT ALL!! I look forward to the bloging world!!

  3. GHS ROCKS!! That is hillarious! I am so impressed that you could find those in a five min scurry! Almost made me get a little teary…almost.

  4. Hey, what a laugh. You guys look sooooo cute. I remember looking at that pic of you and bran and I wanted to be just like you guys. haha WHAT HOTTIES!!!! Angie

  5. Don’t you love the blogging world! It makes it so easy to keep up with friends. I got a comment from a friend from high school that I haven’t talked to since 1992! Crazy.
    Okay so…I went to American Quilting (is that what it’s called?) Darling fabric store but no minky. If you went in to check it out I’m sorry. If you ever swing in to the Corn Wagon in springville let me know and I’ll meet you for lunch or something!

  6. Granger Danger Drive-by High. I loved that place. Love the pics. did we ever think we would be where we are today?

  7. Sing hail to thee our almamater, it’s memories so dear, the crimson red the blue and grey will ever proudly linger here…GHS rocks!

  8. Wow… look at that hair! Fond memories! Only the best from GHS!

    Who would’ve thought 14 years later, I’d be saying thanks for being my blogging consultant… (LOOK! I added a slideshow and a photo to my profile all by myself!)

    When I grow up, I want to be a blogger! 🙂

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