business cards!!!

at approximately 2pm today i had a thought,
“oh-my-gosh, i should have business cards for the design summit!”

so, after the grocery store, and a few other errands/activities with the kids…

i sat down to work.
i whipped these up at 5pm on illustrator,
sent them via www. to my favorite printer at 5:20pm,
drove over to pick them up, arriving at 5:45pm,
parked. paid {only eleven dollars!}.

and i feel officially ready for alt.!


{they are a wee bit hard to photograph because the paper is pearl, so it’s got a gorgeous shimmer to it. if you’ve received a christmas card from us, in the past two years, it’s the same paper, gives you an idea…}

my bestie daphne gave me this darling business card holder LAST YEAR for christmas, it’s been in my art room waiting patiently for 13 months to hold these babies.

14 responses to “brand-spanking-new…”

  1. {jane}
    they have a summit like this in minnesota called…although it's more marketing/interactive based.
    i'm sure you'll love being with like-minded people and the business cards were spot on…the case is beautiful!
    as a sidenote: my {fav} typography instructor suggested this book: "the non-designer's type book", 2nd ed, Robin Williams. it offers insights and techniques while creating professional type. it's a great reference for 'how to not embarrass yourself' (one of the chapters).

    i look forward to your newly inspired blog posts.

  2. what! only $11 on irredescent paper, color printing AND rounded edges? how many did you order? my local printer charged $70 for 250! i'm so jealous!

  3. yes, i noticed that beautiful pearl paper.. where'd it come from?! yours was such a clean, beautiful biz card. xo.

  4. Your cards are fabulous! I've been here stalking your blog and it's lovely. Coming to you via The Willows blog.
    I'm off to check out more. 😉

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