Boy, did we ever – ring in the new year with a BIG bang!

KJ was SO excited for the party all day, he was super chatty about the balloons, friends, food…he just couldn’t WAIT!Dinner this year was a Mexican themed potluck, thank you to EVERYONE who brought delicious food! Caryn made these super yummy Brisa’s – they were blended together with vanilla ice cream, ice, frozen blackberries & straweberries, Sprite, topped with whipped creme & a blackberry – they were really yummy!We just love our New Year’s masks/etc…We had so much fun taking pictures, dressing up – you would have thought we were a bunch of little 14 year olds with our first digital cameras, not a bunch of 30-somethings. 🙂 Sela was just walking around taking in all the excitement, she was keeping a safe distance from the clowns but still checking them out and then found this mask – and had to wear it! She kept it on for about 10 minutes hanging out with everyone.
We love our clowns!

before & afters –
Aubree ~ Myla ~ ElizabethThe Fillmore’s –Starlee & SelaKJKJ (flames) & Tegan (a triceratops)Jonah (snakes)Kiana & McKennaNathan (an alien)the Blanchard girls –

Myla’s alien –Myla “walking her dog”Nathan’s monkey in a palm tree with bananas!B – I – N – G – O!foos ball –
A new event @ the party – a RAFFLE!filling 40 glasses; preparing for our NEW YEAR’S toast –2 0 0 8 balloons12:00AM january 1, 2008Aubree, Madi, and Myla “toasting” – in their swimsuits – pre-midnight swim OUTSIDE!Myla making a “confetti angel”a few of the couples @ midnight ~ BlanchardsMortonsRhodesTHEN everyone swam @ midnight – and we did fireworks/sparklers around the pool!at the end of the celebratiion,Kaymen had confetti stuck to his nose…Happy Resolution-making everyone, and thank you for celebrating with us! We love you all!

2 responses to “Boy, did we ever – ring in the new year with a BIG bang!”

  1. I am SOOO jealous! We are so bummed that we didn’t make it there. It looks like the Party of the Year! I am sure you loved cleaning up all that Confetti!;0

    We did Bingo too, i loved the Idea of your Raffle! SOOO FUN!

  2. OK – that looks like it is worth coming home from Hawaii a little early for! What a blast – except for the no kissing midnight pictures! What’s up with that? Awesome party, as usual, Jane!

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