bowling for dollars

One of the best qualities about my husband is that he’s a party animal.

Literally non-stop.

He planned a group date night tonight that was killer fun.

We had dinner at “Spark,” a new restaurant in Provo.
Then we went bowling…


But, everything you do with Dusty has a twist to it.

so, it was not just any bowling,
it was bowling-gambling.

Every lane {4 total} had their own game going on,
and each person at every lane paid $1.00 per frame.
{everyone was told to bring 20 one dollar bills}
The money went to the highest score, per frame.
unless there was a tie.
then you pay another $1.00 {the pot gets bigger} and it’s open to everybody again,
in the next frame…
Daphne won one of the “large” pots and was pretty excited about it-
Becky was rockin’ all night and had this awesome celebration dance that I kept missing with my camera, but I caught the hi-5 to her hubby Ryan…
Dusty’s “superman”
Betting {and Dusty} makes everything more fun!

11 responses to “bowling for dollars”

  1. Okay horrible pic of me could you just blank out my face?!!!
    Thanks for inviting us we had alot of fun. Dinner was good inspite of the long wait. Bowling was a blast!

  2. What a fun night! you guys are the best. I missed Dusty’s superman?!

    ps – I love Shannon Childs pumpkin carve off tradition. I think we need to start a neighborhood tradition of that!

  3. You guys make everything so much fun! We had such a great time. Love all the pictures. Thanks for the invite:)

  4. So So Fun! I love Dusty’s Superman, and i must say my Team Suprised me how we just ROCKED!!!

    Rebecca even had a higher score than Dusty, isn’t that Hilarious!

    Thanks for the Invite, we loved it!

  5. I won’t say who this is… but I just must say that Dusty was the best sport in letting the girls all beat him on his team… I certainly couldn’t have done that. What an incredible person of immense humility and graciousness. He’s also incredibly kind, thrifty, clean, brave and reverent. I heard after the bowling event he gave all his earnings to charity events such as the “Dusty is cool college fund for Provo Gangsters.” Can I also say that his choice of restaurants was fabulous… quick, prompt food service with everything on the menu available. When I grow up… I want to be JUST LIKE HIM. I want to drive a big Hummer compensating for size in other areas. I want to dye my hair at 37. But mostly I just want REDEMPTION in bowling… NOBODY beats me and gets away with it! Especially Rebecca, Shannon and Becky… I WANT A REMATCH!

  6. What a fun night! I can’t believe Dusty supermanned down the alley. He’s crazy. Gotta love him. Go Daph for winning!!!

  7. anonymous,

    Lets just say, THAT is what you get when you try to Hussle the Girls!!
    I bet you put yourself on that team on purpose so you could win every Frame! haha
    Oh and Didn’t we suprise you!
    I am on for a REMATCH anytime. That was such a BLAST!!

    Dusty is pretty cool, My kids think so too, he does drive the coolest car and The kids love his Car Pool Music nice and Loud!
    Oh what Memories!!

  8. to anonymous…

    i’m pretty sure you…excuse me, i mean dusty, did try his best at bowling. 😉

    but if he insists on a re-match, i’m game. i’ll bring my bowling shoes this time.

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