boston came to visit

…a few weeks ago.

shannon & cory brought boston {their 12-year old son} out here for a special birthday trip for his 12th birthday. it was time he visited his namesake city! boston and myla have grown-up with each other at home, and of course shannon & cory are dear friends.

we visited newberry street + went trail running together one morning + played lots of blokus + went shopping + had a little karaoke-concert by the kiddos, sela made a sign for her band, it was called “tea & the band” and she set-up her tea set for us during the show – hilarious little girl! + spent a morning at nahant beach. the taylor family also did lots of other sight-seeing while our kiddos were in school & husband went to a red sox game with them vs. the yankees. i was very impressed with how much they fit in to about four days!

happy 12th birthday, boston!!! we love you.

the best part: our home was filled with extra love & laughter for a few days. total dessert.


while on newberry street, i took these pictures of our kids. i love the big sisters giving the younger two rides on their back/shoulders…

and, check out miss four! she’s so snazzy and hip. rockin’ her accessories & itouch.  {she was also playing a fashion-dress-up app!}  i’m pretty sure she was supposed to be a kardashian. somehow she was misplaced in our family.

i’m genuinely grateful for the mix-up!

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