boston by bicycle

we are not a very outdoorsy family by most definitions of outdoorsy.

we are a sportsy-active-family, but we avoid most camping/hiking/biking/anything that has’t to do with the REI-store-in general.
it’s just better that way. most of the times we’ve attempted river rafting, camping, biking – it ends in some sort of disaster.

having that said, i will still get the occasional itch to do something outdoorsy.

this time, it involved me BEGGING my family all day to go on a bike ride.
no one wanted to go.

husband actually told me in the middle of the afternoon,
“it just sounds so difficult & inconvenient…”

but i kept prodding.

and eventually, i whined enough that it happened.

like this:

we loaded up our bikes & headed downtown,
we got lost trying to find the tour company.
we couldn’t find parking near the tour company,


we finally found the company & parking & made it to the tour within minutes of them closing up for the night.

we even dragged took auntie nancy with us. she tried her darndest to get out of going, too. i teased her because i was sure she didn’t want to go because she didn’t know how to ride a bike! {the truth is embarrassing, sometimes!}

the tour guides take pictures during the ride, i don’t super-love any of those photos, but they prove one thing:

it was difficult. we covered six+ miles & kj’s little legs went as fast as they could at times on a no-gear bike. it was inconvenient.

but, absolutely worth it. everyone loved it.
the city, and harbor are simply stunning in the evening, by bicycle.

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