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…during the planning stages of moving from utah to out east, where our girls would dance was number two on the list of important details to figure out. {this detail followed “how close can we live to fenway park.”}

i started dance classes when i was about ten years old – and, at the time i also loved sports. in the end, dance was my passion. is my passion, following art. yet, i also love my knowledge of sports and enjoy balancing all of the above.

as parents, i think we all want to give our kids opportunities that we missed out on. we want to gather all the good from our past – memorable holidays, vacations, traditions, activities, words of widsom passed down from our parents – repeat it for our own kids and make up for all the regrets. my kids won’t live in a broken home, i promise myself. i don’t want them to worry about how the bills get paid. we’ll take more vacations, including traveling overseas, learn to play a variety of sports, musical instruments, go to the movies all the time, visit more than one church/religion. with this said, taking dance as a young child is one of my childhood-regrets. i’m guessing, my mom had no idea i was interested in dance until i was ten and spoke-up about it. it wasn’t her style to enlist her children in actvities. but you know what? while i use both the good and bad of my past to navigate my way through parenting, i will also let go. i will be open to the fact that they will, in the end, choose their own path someday.

i will support my kiddos no matter what. i will smile and nod when they ditch the leotards for cleats. i will hug and applaud when they walk away from the piano for digital creations – whatever it may be, my heart flutters to see them happy and i will make sure they have the best, to be successful. because, their happiness is mine times three.

today, i am smiling to report that miss thirteen and miss four, cherish their new dance studio. kiana has always trained at the same studio in utah where she worked in a variety of dance genres. contemporary dance is her favorite/strong point. however, boston is a very conservative city when it comes to dance, so she has decided to focus on technique this year which is really a great choice. we will supplement other classes – jazz, contemporary, hip-hop whenever we can through workshops and other studios.

miss thirteen was placed in an advanced program, and when she attends class {she has a 16-hour/week schedule that includes ballet, pointe, modern, character, and pilates- this is less hours than before for her…} they dance to live piano music in EVERY class. the pianists are a hoot – very eccentric. the studios are updated & modern with these old wood floors, and beautiful exposed brick. extremely urban.

miss four attended her first class, and would not let go of my leg. then started crying, just like preschool she wished myla was there to protect her! hehe…

she eventually let me leave, and i snapped this picture of her walking out of class at the end. she was so proud of herself:

this is also her teacher, “luchon,” and i have no idea where he’s from, but he is brilliant with these little dancers. sela loves class & comes home each week telling me the funny things luchon said or did in class. sela is also on her first dance-team through another studio, where she’s taking jazz, hip-hop, and tap, and a little ballet. i’ll be posting more about that, later…


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  1. You’re such a great mom, Jane! It’s true how we feel about our childhoods, how we want to take all the good and throw away the bad. I know I have a huge list of do’s and do not’s that I want for my own family. I love hearing about your new life in Boston and how you’re all doing with the move. Thanks for sharing!

  2. so fun to catch up on your blog…sounds like life is good and you are enjoying all your adventures in Boston. thanks for sharing and letting us know about all your family doings…I bet fall is just beautiful there. take care and god bless.

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