boo-ing season

is here!

dusty took our kids out boo-ing last week. i found these cute & very affordable {$4.95} kits at starbucks. I also chose to fill them with sugar-free treats from starbucks. I figured that way they were adult & kid friendly.

by the way, if you remember…dusty, danny, and i made a bet to stay-off-sugar for TWELVE weeks!

how insane are we?!?

well, we are all eights weeks in and doing great! 4 weeks to go, then we’re going to indulge in thanksgiving~yams, rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie..of course, in small portions.

then we’ll keep going sugar-free! did anyone join us in this insanity?

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  1. I joined you Aunt Jane….I feel great! I have lost another 5 pounds since the wedding and dropped another jean size! Yeah! I think I am on week 8 now…I HAVE NOT cheated on the sugar end but have been gradually enjoying more carbs as I go…but staying with "brown" carbs. Thanks for the inspiration! Can't wait for thanksgiving!

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