bonbon living

my husbands half-sister sons wife… is margaret. i have always admired margaret, she is a modern day woman overflowing with talent.

margaret has an announcment!


help a mother out, share the bonbon {literally meaning good,good}!

3 responses to “bonbon living

  1. I’ll admit it is the last day of a very crazy week (and I’m sure you know i’m saying that purely to make myself feel better about my obtuseness) but it took me about two times (and by two I obviously mean five) to figure out exactly whom that meant you were speaking of in that first phrase……..but, what a fun website!

  2. Jane!
    Thanks for the link! This is one of the best sites for women/moms/family living I have been on. I bookmarked it immediately. Hope your other readers and friends visit bonbon and enjoy the sweet life.

  3. Thanks Jane for telling us about the lovely site. I have a darling online boutique called Elsa Belle and I am definitely going to advertise there. She has a delightful way with words and great taste. I can’t wait to read more.


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