bon voyage

to our dear friends, the granums.

they are embarking on a five-month move to Maui, and depending on how things go, they may or may not return to our neighborhood. They have been the most incredible neighbors and loyal friends for the past four-and-a-half years. Our kids are all buddies including a little “first crush” we have going on between Chase and Myla.

A few of my favorite memories…

Jenn was one of my first immediate girlfriends when we moved into our current home, and I recall how immediately impressed I was with her devotion to her husband and family. She is one die-hard mother hen. One time I offered/or begged to watch her boys so she and Geoff could go on a date for her birthday without the kids. She had almost NEVER left her kids for a date. She eventually accepted and left them with me, they were wonderful, and Jenn came back early to make sure Chase & Caden were ok.

In a deeper conversation Jenn and I had once when we were new friends, I mentioned some of my feelings about religion, and she casually told me, “OK, I get that. Just so you know, I don’t have time to worry about your soul.” maybe this is my favorite line she ever said. Jenn is incredibly tolerant, and she caught me so off guard, so funny.

Jenn is officially my best “jane’s diet” patient, if that makes sense. She adapted my style of eating a couple years ago, and I am so proud of her for her level of commitment and the hot momma that she is!

Geoff has kept me entertained ever since the first time he came to our home and walked into our theater. He took one look at our banana chair and said, rather sarcastically,

what is that?”

{as an inside story…I will one day wish you a very merry christmas and re-do our dormers for you, Geoff. one day.}

We have great memories of being in Vegas and lake powell with the granums. Numerous lunch dates, bike rides, soccer games, and play dates.

{sob, sob} you are going to be sooo missed!

the farewell parties started last week, Jenn had luau’s for Chase and Caden’s classes at school…

Dub and KJ are in kindergarten and Caden is in 1st grade, but they were allowed to go into Caden’s class for the party since they are all such good friends.

the 3rd grade class-

We had a family party at TRAFALGA on Monday night…

the kids-
the adults-
the guys-
the girls-
then us girls got together one more time, tonight…

however we say it: spelled out in scrabble letters, bon voyage, farewell, Godspeed, Aloha…lets face it, I wish it wasn’t true. But, since we can’t avoid the good-byes, I hope you know no matter how far away from us you move, you will always be close to us in our thoughts and hearts. we love you, we send you off with all arms full of best wishes and good luck for bright futures.

lots and lots of love, and hugs.

your friend,
the lost soul.

6 responses to “bon voyage

  1. I love “the lost soul” ha ha!
    Great post and so fun last night. We have such great friends and are so lucky that all of our kids are so close too, that is one other reason it makes it so hard.
    Boo hoo hoo

    So now you need to start mtn. biking with me, get ready! 😉

  2. Dang I’m so sad that I missed out on the farewell’s! It looks like she’ll be leaving knowing how much she is loved. You’re a true friend Jane!:)

  3. the farewell parties are always a blast! jenn, we love you and will miss you…maybe max won’t miss the “brewser” part of “crewser”, but everything else!

    good luck with the move and i’m so glad that kelli introduced us to you!

  4. What a sweet post Jane. Geoff and Jenn are so awesome and it still seems impossible to me that they won’t be in Utah…it makes me so sad…I will miss them so much!

  5. Sweet post, I hate good-bye’s, especially when it involves my kids best buddies! Fun night, oh and no worries, I’ve got your soul covered… haha, too funny, love her!

  6. What a sweet, sweet post! I can leave the area, the house, the toys, but not the friends. You will all be close in our hearts. Thank goodness for blogging! I will get caught up in a bit. Love you (secretly praying for your lost soul – hehe)

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