blast off!!!

to myla’s 10th birthday party!!!

the invitations & customized jones sodas ~

i used the adorable pictures that becky & mindy took a while ago, and the bottle said,”moosey’s 10th birthday” down the side.

myla LOVES jokes –

so i put different birthday jokes on the back of each bottle!

dusty & i are leaving for the philippines this next week, so we had myla’s birthday treats at school a week early. we always have her birthday party early before all her friends/family leave for the holidays. so, on friday, we combined the two for one special day.

class treats~ jones sodas & space cupcakes! {i packed the jones sodas with white packaging peanuts between them to help them travel to the school safely. and, it gave an appearance of ice.}

for her birthday party, moosey and most of her closest friends went to “The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center” in pleasant grove. We had two groups of kids that went on space missions! One group of 7-9 year olds, and one group of 10 & older.

the kids all LOVED the space missions!!
! everyone is given a different character like captain, engineer, etc., you go on a mission in ships, attack aliens, and in the space i have here i can’t say enough good about how awesome this space education center is. they are all begging to go on a sleepover-mission now…

party treats: more jones sodas, space cupcakes from the sweet tooth fairy bakery, and astronaut ice cream!

myla opened her gifts at home, and loves everything she received!

thank you to all our guests! for traveling in the horrible weather, for your generous gifts, and for continually extending your friendship & love to our family.

4 responses to “blast off!!!”

  1. That is so fun! My uncle Victor is the one who owns the space center. I grew up going on missions and working at them. They are the best. I can't believe Myla is going to be 10. She is growing up so fast.

  2. The coolest place for kids to learn about space! Boston loved it and of course LOVED being the captain on his mission. He takes the job seriously.
    He is dying to do the sleepover mission too you get kidnapped by aliens!
    they have 3 day missions! Crazy huh?

    Also we are so going to your house for sledding…that looks like a blast!!!

    Super cute cupcakes and ice cream!
    Happy birthday myla…can't wait to spend it with you TUBING!!

  3. HOW FUN!!!! What an awesome party…wow!! You always have the best and most creative ideas, what fun memories for your kids!

  4. How awesome! I love everything – the sodas, invitations, cupcakes …..! Chase would have LOVED this party! 🙁 Happy Birthday, Myla!

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