birthday mornings.

so…. regardless if my kids have a friend-birthday-party or a family birthday party, we always have a family birthday morning.

and, birthday mornings are a big deal at our house. from the minute our kiddos wake up, we celebrate…

masculine birthday morning via seejaneblog

celebrate on the floor via seejaneblog

party on the floor style via seejaneblog

peek behind the cake: see that blue blob? kj requested blue crepes and bacon for breakfast!

we called them smurf crepes.

kj's birthday morn

the birthday begins via seejaneblog

sela woke up early and tip-toed in to our room. she whispered to me

mom, don’t feel bad. i’m not going to snuggle with you this morning because i’m going to wake up kj with birthday snuggles…

right then. my heart melted just a bit.

my little stud on his birthday via seejaneblog

we spoiled our handsome ten year old with ten gifts.

kj loves the beatles via seejaneblog

party on the floor with bulb lights via seejaneblog

the first eight were fun, small, practical things – and then the last two were the big surprises:

new baseball catcher’s gear and a new bike! he’s been begging for a bike with gears! look at the shock on his face, it was so fun!!!

catcher's gear for kj via seejaneblog

kj in his catchers mask via seejaneblog

kj surprised with his birthday present via seejaneblog

today was good. so good i get all weepy when i look at these pictures. kj called the shots all day – we went to his sisters soccer game {and played catch while there}, had lunch at his restaurant of choice, played games with him throughout the afternoon, he went to the baseball park with husband in his new catcher’s gear for practice, at 8pm he requested ice cream at a local ice cream shop, so we obliged. and now he’s still on is computer playing games.  it’s been all about him today.

i don’t have the words to describe how good my sons heart is. it may even drive his daddy a little crazy he’s so sensitive and sweet. but boy oh boy, it melts his momma’s heart. he kisses me, all the time. he tells me, you are so cute mom! you are looking fyne today mom! the sweetest words, all the time. he still leaves the dug-out in the middle of a baseball game to come over and kiss his little sister on the top of her head. he gets all choked up every time he talks to us about anything that affects him emotionally. he is a gentleman. he loves scouts. he loves sports. he likes all games, but especially chess. he’s an avid video-gamer. he will defend what he believes in. he’s ridiculously good with technology and fixes things around the house for me. he’s a very good friend. he adapts easily without complaint to almost every situation. the kid has been in three elementary schools and makes friends instantly. sorry for the ramble – my boy has a heart of gold. and i love every bit of it.

dude. in a nutshell, birthday mornings rock. and my son is ten.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

7 responses to “birthday mornings.”

  1. This kid sounds awesome and I love the photo of him with the Beatles t-shirt! And if he loves scouting make sure he becomes an eagle! Happy Birthday KJ!

  2. Happy Birthday, KJ! Glad your day was just the way you like it! We sure wish you lived closer to throw the ball around with Trev. You two are two peas in a pod. Cut from the same cloth. Happy 10th year, kiddo! 🙂

  3. Turning 10 – that’s a big step. So nice that you’re able to have such a fun day with your beautiful family. I especially like that Beatles shirt.

  4. KJ is just darling! Love his expression with the bike. The house, wrapping, and lights are perfectly done for a boy bday

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