biking to school

It is Jenn’s turn for carpool this week, for driving the kids to school…

Her idea of “going green,” was to have them all ride their bikes today…

Great idea.

They loved it!

Myla was the caboose all the way to school, but her little legs were cranking those peddles trying to keep up with everyone!!!
KJ hitched a ride with Crew in Jenn’s bike trailer –
{front to back}
Caden/Chase/Boston/Kiana/Myla/Shannon/me {peek-a-boo!}
It took 45 minutes to bike to school, 6 kids and 3 moms, 3 miles each way…
{I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such fun Mom’s to raise my kids with!}
Shannon {9 months pregnant}, Jenn, and me…on our way back home on the Provo River Trail…we live in such a beautiful place!

3 responses to “biking to school

  1. Way to go Jane! Nothing like exercise to get you going. Please tell me where you got your blog update on the side of your blog…love it!

  2. I am still so amazed that the Provo River trail really went all the way to their school, how cool is that?!!
    That was so fun!

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