biking, kid book clubs & zip lines!

Our neighborhood biked to Borders today for story time. It was so much fun. We had a big caravan. 4 Moms & 15 kids, w-o-w.

The kids, divided by age are having a kids book club for the summer. Each age group decided on their books together while the younger kids participated in story time. This idea comes from the “Family Fun” magazine. After they read their books in 2 weeks, we are going to have a follow-up activity with either movies and themed games based on the books they are reading.

Shannon Taylor was the photographer today, and more pictures are on Shannon’s blog, but here’s a few she sent me…

Sela {a little distracted during story time}

After Borders story time we had lunch at Bajio’s, then the kids biked back to Jenn’s to try-out the new zip-line. Myla spent the entire day at their house yesterday riding the zip line. The story is, yesterday, she managed to fall off right in the middle of the only mud puddle under the zip line, so to clean herself up, she jumped in their pool. {great}

Kiana, trying the zip line today, showing off her flexibility…

KJ, hanging out with his two favorite buddies, Hayes & Olivia a.k.a. Livi

6 responses to “biking, kid book clubs & zip lines!”

  1. WOW is right! LOVE the idea and enjoyed the pics on Shan’s blog, too! What a fun activity! And I am trying to figure out where to put in OUR zip line! 🙂

  2. I love how my kids just LOVE Kj! Book Club is such a cute idea, that will help with Boston wanting to read all summer!
    Oh and KJ’s Hat is here at my house. We Just found it!
    We will see you guys at the Sweet Carnival for Orem, and hopefully the girls Dances.

  3. A fun day despite all the Granum accidents! Thanks for helping me AND Caden! When are YOU going to try the zip line?

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