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I don’t know how many areas of the U.S. or the world have this tradition? But here in Utah – teenagers and college students are really creative when they ask someone to a school dance.  Since I lived through this cultural custom growing up (and enjoyed it!) and I am now assisting my teenagers with the same tradition, I thought I’d start a series with original ideas of how to ask someone to prom! or Sadie Hawkins.  Or Morp (prom backwards). Or Sweethearts.  Or, Homecoming.  Or, whatever dances you may have at your local schools!

This past month, Kiana asked her friend Jordy to Sadie Hawkins.  Which is a girls-choice dance.  I had a friend tell me about the Big Love Ball a few weeks ago and the instant I saw it I’ve been looking forward to a good reason to use one!  This was it:

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Our big papi helped Kiana do this job because it was a big task getting the big love ball across town! It’s five feet wide!!! They transported it in his truck, and then tied it to the top of her future dates truck. This was all being done while her friend was playing in a football game – the plan was that he would leave the game and find the big surprise!

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Did you notice something? Did you notice the big love ball was tied to the top of TWO different trucks? Yeah. That’s because they tied it on top of the WRONG truck the first time!!!

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For those of you who might be curious as to how Jordy answered: He left a box of fresh hot Krispy Kreme donuts on our doorstep late one night with the top of the box open – it said on the inside – I dough-nut want to go with anyone else but you to Sadie Hawkins! p.s. I’m So excited! It was cute. And delicious! And, the dance was last night – we hosted the dinner at our house for twenty kids in the group that went together! It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend with Halloween. I’ll be posting pics soon of the dinner!

Readers, is this a tradition where you live? If you like this idea but the big love ball is just too big – there are LOTS of different ways you could use this same idea – the big love ball comes in small sizes too! Be creative!

Photos by: Mindy Johnson (she was so wonderful to go take pictures of this for me – because I was in class on this particular night!)

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  1. Oh, I miss these days! Asking and answering we’re my favorite times of high school! I am looking forward to these days with my kiddos! Fun!

  2. I’m so glad that grand gestures are alive and well in Utah! So thoughtful.

    Ps: are you allowing old Instagram followers? “Abarteag” if so!

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