be our guest… be our guest!

{put our service to the test!}

as i mentioned in the previous post, our third floor has 2 guest rooms, a home gym with a suspension trainer, bathroom, and storage.

so. if anyone has ever wanted to visit new england & you just needed somewhere to stay?
here’s your chance – to stay for *free!

i am a visual communicator by nature, so i am hoping to entice all my besties, friends, & family with these fine photos:

we offer:

* one bedroom with king-size bed
* one bedroom with full size bed & two small-child beds
* your own private bathroom
* access to a fitness gym directly across the hall from your room with state-of-the-art equipment

we might be moving soon, and this opportunity will expire!

*i do accept gifts – specifically, spelt bread & chocolate covered cinnamon bears from utah!

we hope to see ya’ll soon!

11 responses to “be our guest… be our guest!

  1. Jane, I am so excited to see pics of your new home! I love the details around the windows and the fun doorknobs! Your home will be beautiful wherever you are because a beautiful family fills your home 🙂 That probably sounded cheesy but I always feel like home is where you make it and where your family is 🙂 Love you guys!!

  2. So happy to see the update! That really seems like such a great adventure! So excited for you! I’m also excited to hear how Kiana likes the Boston Ballet School.

  3. I love the house and what you did with it. I’m glad that your rental house search ended better than ours did in the size department. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you don’t have to move again soon. I might have to plan a visit you (Boston is our fav city) since we are both on the same adventure! (Don’t worry- I won’t impose my family of 5 on your house. Just maybe the swing.)

  4. Oh, I just love it love it sister!!! Wish you were still going to be there in April (maybe you will??) What a wonderful life and opportunity you are providing your kids! LOVES AND HUGS GIRLY!!!

  5. Love everything! Cute house…cute guest space…great restaurants! So amazing…

    Hope you and your beautiful family are loving every minute of your adventure!

  6. ok this guest suite is legit!! I giggle how boston chose to sleep on the little striped bed with the lamp. it’s really really adorable. you are so good at hosting! we can’t wait to go back!!

    oh and did you try your bath bomb?? just fyi my naughty 2 yr old found my stash and threw over 100 dollars of bath bombs in at one time while her and livi were bathing. hahaha i made them stay in for an hour since it was so expensive. hahahah {i can laugh about it now}

    WE Miss you guys!!!

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