Bahama Mama’s

Pure bliss. Daphne and I relaxed (an abundance of sleep), soaked up the sun (minor sunburns), worked out (2 a days on some), visited the spa (maybe indulged more than we should have), read (finished 2+ novels each), enjoyed live music (bahamian style), ate delicious food (especially the seafood). We have definitely started something that could be a yearly tradition!

This is Grand Bahama Island a.k.a. Freeport City as we were flying in. It is the closest island to Florida in the Bahamas, only 55 miles off the coast.
We found a little corner of the resort that was ours each day, between the infinity pool and beach, our little solitude.What I read ~ in our corner of solitude ~

I started this book back in November and then haven’t had the time to pick it up since then till this trip. Wow, it is so powerful. It gives such an amazing insight into the women of Afghanistan’s lives that it really made my soul feel like I have abandoned my gender on the other side of the world. Great reading – Between “Kite Runner,” and “A Thousand Splended Suns,” Khalid Hosseini is here to stay.Talk about a stark contrast to “A Thousand Splended Suns.” Sarah Agnes Prine of “These is my words” is a true to the bone early American woman! I laughed and cried through the whole thing.The main market was right across the street from our resort, so we walked there once or twice a day for meals & shopping. We had our own little routine put together, it was great to try each place to eat, shop, mingle with the locals.CURLY TAIL LIZARDS! I would have LOVED to bring one of these home for Myla, if that was legal & all. They were friendly little lizards running all over. Their tails would curl up tighter as they ran.At times like these when the wonderful whacky sisterhood is being enjoyed – things change… Daphne is a brunette now and absolutely beautiful! I LOVE how her blue eyes just sparkle! The sweetest part of the trip was returning home to all my LOVES – I was given an amazing welcome home… MY HERO!of course, my myla had a note for me next to my bed that I found at bedtime when she was long off to sleep. This is one of the things she made for me while I was gone, there was actually a whole pile of stuff…

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  1. Looks like a wonderful vacation – but even better, a family who missed you terribly anxiously awaiting your return. So cute that Dusty has fun with them like that. And I CANNOT beleive Daph went brunette! SHe looks sexy! Can’t wait to see her in person. And you of course look gorgeous and camera ready in every picture. Ah the face of true relaxation. You will be VERY surprised to hear that I will be going to Cabo WITHOUT my children in just a few weeks for some R&R myself. Call me when you get settled! I still need a make up birthday lunch!

  2. That looks like the Perfect place to Relax! You two had so much fun i love it! Daph a Brunette??! I love it, i bet Troy is pretty pumped about that. hehe

    I am now dying to read that Book! Cory read the Kite runner and i have wanted too, but i haven’t been able to finish 2 other books still…Soon, i will be with Jenn in Cabo and can catch up on the reading too.

    OH and your Family…Is absolutley adorable, I love how Dusty had a Superman all ready for you! hehehe and those ABS say it all! It is nice to feel appreciated, missed,& Loved. Dusty is such a Great little Daddy!
    I am with Jenn on the Birthday Lunch…Lets Go!

    Welcome Home to the COLD weather!

  3. Hello from Arizona! I don’t know if you remember me but this it Troy’s wife, Kajsa. We got your cute Christmas card and I’m so glad you mentioned your blog.

    Okay, you are a super blogger! I keep coming back to catch up on all the pictures and use your links. I hope you don’t mind that I used your link to help me spiff up our blog too. I would have commented sooner but you were out of town and all.

    It looks like you had a great time on your trip. I am going to have to check out those books as I loved the Kite Runner.

    Thanks for the fun blog – we will check in soon!

  4. What an amazing trip. That would be the most relaxing thing ever. Daphne looks so cute as a brunette. that is the perfect winter getaway!

  5. Jane I love it. I live my life thorough you and Daph. I loved the pictures and am so glad that you are always so quick to post things. I am still working on that. I am glad you had an awesome birthday trip. I turned another year older myself yesterday. Its funny becuase as you get older birthdays are just an excuse to be selfish on one day and you can say its because its your birthday and nobody questions it. πŸ™‚ Welcome home Bahama Mamas what a dream trip.

  6. Welcome home Jane. I am so totally jealous of your trip! You look tan and beautiful. Didn’t you love These is My Words?!? My all time favorite book! There are 2 sequels that I just can not make myself read because I hold the original on such a pedestal I don’t want to be disappointed. Plus I don’t think I can go on without Jack. Have you read The Goose Girl series? If not you really ought to.

  7. Jane I LOVE the posting of your Trip! Daph just needs to copy and paste! I am a firsthand witness that they had the time of their life Daph LOVED being there relaxing and resting with her best friend! But let’s address Shannon’s comments – dusty’s abs say it all –heck yea he has been sitting around all week lonely without his sexy woman just eating and grew that nice fat one pack
    πŸ™‚ he he –

    Ok the Burnett change – yea SEXY is all I have to say – LOVED IT! I am just glad those women came back home us lonely men! It is one thing to be lonely which I dealt with but trying to run and family and a house hold is impossible without our women just ask Dusty and I we know first hand – I cannot believe what moms accomplish! Jane you are an amazing friend to us all we sure love you!

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