back to school

Back to school shopping: Check! {a bit too much, actually…plus I’m testing out some leak proof stainless steel lunch boxes to see if they’re better than plastic ones.}
Back to school dentist appointments: Check! {No cavities, 2 new retainers for K & M}
Back to school haircuts: Check! {K got her first highlights!}
Back to school NIGHT: Check!

This will be the first time in 4 years that all of our kids are going to be attending the same school. It makes everything so convenient! One stop to drop kids off, one stop to pick them up, one back to school night…

The kids took all their supplies to school tonight and loaded up their desks.

KJ will be in all-day kindergarten and his teacher will be Mrs. Harken, she is adorable and KJ is so quick to snuggle right up to her…

Myla is in the 3rd grade and has a new teacher at the school this year. Her name is Mrs. Allen. Myla is most excited about how many neighborhood friends she has in her class this year…

Kiana is in the 5th grade and her teacher will be Mrs. Shumway who reigns from New Zealand! Nothing tops that!

We ended our night with a back-to-school family dinner at Tepanyaki’s –

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  1. So fun! Sorry we missed out on Tepanyaki’s it sounds so yummy!

    How cool is Kiana’s Teacher being From New Zealand. WOO HOO!

  2. Always good having the kids go back to school. They all looked adorable. Love uniforms. I can’t find my cable to sych my camera.. I think I left it at home. HOpefully I’ll be able to post their pics soon. We already miss being home!!

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