back to school x4…

back to school night, the excitement of seeing all the
new classrooms for the year~

this year, we all attended sela’s preschool open house,
she is in love with her special school bag.
sela gets to have ‘show ‘n tell’ everyday…
the day before her first day of school, i explained show ‘n tell to her…
grasping the idea she went running to her room, to choose an item,
passing kiana she said,

“i get to have show ‘n tell at my school!!! and you don’t weirdo!!!”

{she thinks she’s the bomb. we do too.}


kj & myla’s back to school night at our elementary…
once again, all six of us, were there to check it out –

kj is in mrs. almberg’s class…this is the third Rhodes child in her class for second grade – we love her! she went to college at SUU
where husband & i met…
we do believe she is arguably the world’s best 2nd grade teacher.
unbelievable commitment, and time devoted to her class/students.

myla is thrilled to be in mr. crandall’s class for the year,
she will get to go to 5th grade camp,
and is in disbelief that she’s a 5th grader, she just keeps saying,
“i can’t believe i’m in 5th grade!”


at kiana’s jr. high back to school night…

{did you read that??? i have a child in jr. high!}
where all six of us followed her around with total excitement…

we all took turns opening her locker.
we all walked around to all seven of her classes.
we are all riding the “kiana’s in jr. high” adrenaline rush!

the 7th graders, a.k.a., ‘sevies’ do this cool thing where we live…
they go to school all by themselves the day before everyone starts school,
so that they can attend all their classes the first day,
without any bullies around to make matters worse.

gives them one day to find their classes, figure out the lunch system,
become a little more comfortable with their lockers,
find their buddies…make new friends.

all before the 8th & 9th graders show up.
(high school here is only 10th-12th grades.}


kiana in all her kiana-style…
on the way out the door for her first day of jr. high.

she and her five besties made arrangements to carpool together
on the first morning instead of riding the bus.

the mom that drove the carpool snapped this picture of the girls
before they walked into school…

caroline/kiana/madi/reagan/eliza/paighton… cute sevies!!!

ahhhhhh! the excitement! i loved jr. high, it’s crazy that i have a
daughter that age now, but i love it!

every day since she started, she has come home with
at least one hour filled with stories to tell me…

which of her buddies are in every class, who she eats lunch with, who the new cute boys are – she and one of her besties keep talking about the little ‘treat’ they have to look forward to in math class…so funny!


kj is a buckaroo this year in mrs. almberg’s boot-scootin’ 2nd grade.
every year she has a new adorable theme, and goes all out – it’s awesome!
at the end of the year, she will give the kids a DVD with photos
all to music that also matches the theme,
it’s totally something we look forward to.

myla, on her way to being a smart 5th grader!!!

sela, on her first day of preschool…
there were no hesitations, no tears, no fears.
just excitement.
in her mind, she is finally in school,
just like her siblings.

{more school fashion-style pics to come…this year}

9 responses to “back to school x4…”

  1. Love Mrs. Braun {i forgot her last name changed} how fun for KJ and for Myla, Mr. Crandall is the best 5th grade teacher!!! So fun…

    Sela will love show n tell, i love that she is at the "apple school" haha

  2. Kiana after first day of school: "Dad, you'd love this boy Payton that is in my math class!"
    "I'd love him? Hmmm… that must mean that he respects girls understands that 'going out', 'holding hands', 'kissing', 'going steady', 'boyfriend-girlfriend', or anything remotely close to any of that isn't done until your late 20's. If that is the case, YES, I like him already." 🙂

  3. So cute!! I need to know though: Where did you get Kiana's ADORABLE yellow flats?! Those are seriously SO cute! I need a pair 🙂

  4. I so love back to school! It's so fun getting the kids excited about their teacher's and stuff. All of your kids are, of course, in perfect fashion form for their first day. I love Sela's dress!

  5. okay.
    1st-"I get show and tell at my school and you don't weirdo"? AWESOME.
    2nd-totally got the back to school excitment feeling myself even though I or no one close to me is going back to school.
    3-your kids look adorable!
    4-good luck!

  6. Loving their back to school outfits! I can tell just by looking at the photos around your blog that KJ has a favourite outfit 😉 Kiana is so stylish.

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